STORY PASS A Rain Of Peach Blossoms

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  1. And to prove my own stupidity even more, my RS just made me realize something I kind of skipped reading at first and only now did I happen to see.

    ^ This! To all those complaining about the high price, it costs 249ecs because you get the chance to have both avatars at once, hence why it's double than the previous story passes, with which you got just one gender unless you purchased another pass, making it nearly the same price in total. I take my words back from the previous lengthy post, this is actually brilliant! I love it.
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  2. I Finished my story and didnt even get an ava
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  3. Ok so I'm stupid duh it says so
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  5. Is this new vip pass can be gifted or traded? Can someone confirm to me please?
  6. It cannot be traded or gifted.
  7. ok then, im not gonna buy it. Love the avi tho. Tysm 🙏🏻😭
  8. While yes, you may be able to recieve two genders, there's still three major issues. Previously, the avis were 99EC each. I am aware that there were previous story passes that were 200+. But if you bought individually 2 story passes, it would have only been 198 EC vs 249 EC.An extra 51EC or approximately $5. Which to some is not alot. The second issue is the removal of any free avi. Previously even if you had only purchased the cash you at least got 1 avi, male and female. Which leads to the third issue, the VIP passes are not exchangable. I cannot trade them, meaning I personally have to spend an extra $25. I do drop some cash on this game, but if I had already dropped some cash, I don't have inclination to drop an extra $25. Especially now that some of us no longer have a steady income. I do understand why the increased price because of them putting two genders in one pass, which makes sense, but it's the timing, removal of trading/gifting, removal of a free avi, and the extra $5 hike up.
  9. There was one story pass that was 249ec. It was a vday one. U only got 1 set of Avi (1 male 1 female) but it also gave furni. And honestly they probably stopped the gifting of passes because alot of people were being scammed. They should make a tradeable one tho like they did once before.
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  10. Late reply but that’s why I said pretty sure. I don’t even think I was playing when that frost one was available.
  11. Love the designs, especially since I’ve wanted to see more rep for designs like this, but with it being more expensive than two separate VIP passes for less rewards, and with all those ECs going down the drain if you’re not always in CC’s to complete the storyline in time... doesn’t sound like a worthwhile investment at all
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  12. I hate this story pass. It used to give a free avi and now nothing. I refuse to pay 249ec when I already don’t have a steady income with the current pandemic. ATA fix your shït guys.
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  13. I cant find the guide with the tasks list. I need help
  14. Go to page 6, click the link in the first comment on the page, then go to the last page in that thread (like 300 something) scroll down a little bit and then expand the options.
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  15. Here is a link.
  16. Oof...😅 This really hit me because I’m in the same boat now for the Shu Bi Comb..😓. I feel like I might as well just forget it dropping.🤦🏼‍♀️ How many parties is this gonna take for it to drop?
  17. I've been trying to get the bishnu comb for a few days now? Partying non stop? Why isnt it dropping?
  18. Took me about 3 days worth to get it.
  19. I'm on day 4 omg 😬😬
  20. The lack of trading/gifting is what’s pissing me off the most right now! I would have bought a pass from someone in chat for bentos, but now I can’t even get it... ATA missed out on $25 because of this! Good, stingy bastards!!