STORY PASS A Rain Of Peach Blossoms

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  1. I chose justice before seeing what the requirements were and I regret it. Having to fulfill XC tiers is annoying if you’re a casual who doesn’t want to spend credits or buy keys.

    But now that I know I don’t even get an avatar, I don’t care if I complete this story or not. If I do, great. If not, oh well.
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  2. Here is a link to the Stories Tiers and Rewards thread, where you can see the task for each path
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  3. I never thought about it that way, but the point still stands that even if this was planned out months in advance, they should have known better. Movies that have been completed and were planned to be released were being held back, the Olympics which has been planned for 4 years has been postponed, all sporting events which have been planned for months and months are all cancled or adjusted. I understand it is hard, but could they not adjust it prior to release. COVID 19 was announced sometime in December or Janaury if I remember. It really picked up in March. If you are a group that plans months in advance, you shoudl think of the events that are going to affect your profit. And I am not trying to attack you because you are just playing devil’s advocate. We are practically "attacking" ATA for lack of thought, and there is always the other side of the coin. Whether or not COVID 19 was going to hit they were going to release it, and a lot of the anger isn't really over the price itself, but the times. So I understand that if it were any other month where we weren't suffering from a pandemic, we would totally react differently, but if you want to own a business, you need to learn to be flexible and you need to learn the concept of "supply and demand", They could seriously rack some cash in, but they don't because they only are thinking about the immediate rewards of a $25 pass. 4 people buy it, that's a quick $100 bucks. 40 buy it, quick $1000. The other problem is, is that we have been seeing this kind of cash grab since last month. The price to pay has become steeper and steeper as they start to remove the free items.
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  4. There isn’t even the basic Avi for the cash story pass 🙄🙄 super disappointed and salty tbh
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  5. at least give us (cash pass) 1 tier avatar :((((
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  6. I really just wish that since the VIP is 249ec that there wouldn’t be a time limit to complete the story....I just feel like to get both sets of avatars, and with not being able to be on 24/7 or do constant PPAs and’s going to be near impossible to get both sets within this time frame..😓
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  7. There was a time limit the last time the pass was this price as well
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  8. So we don’t get the first tier from this pass? Even tho we’re asked if we want the female or male avi?? In other passes like the Venetian one of the passes had an avi, the first tier, and the vip gave you the other ones, this one isn’t like that??? 🙁
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  9. Seriously the justice route is broken af. Ata what are you doing.
  10. Wth.. Finished the story and no avi?? Not even a basic one? All that for stupid crap...🤬
  11. What happened? How is it broken?
  12. I chose peace... and we’re not even getting an avi? I’m just happy I’m going strong on not spending money on this game anymore
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  13. Approaching 4 days, and a 1000 years of pain... Still no trace of a sword.

    Maybe if I meme it out it might come to me. 🤔

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  14. I made the choice of choosing justice without looking it up... I regret it so much!!!!!!!
  15. It seems that the cash pass doesnt give out an avatar. Unlike the past pass there was 1 avatar you could get from it where as this one you cant. I highly dislike this and regret even wasting my time on it.
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  16. It actually does say in the original post that you’ll need the VIP Pass to obtain the avatars.
  17. What the heck- this meme no jutsu actually worked!? It dropped, it finally dropped after all those years!
    Could I be the green ninja?
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  18. Kinda sucks that 1M doesn't give a Avi. Tf ATA?