STORY PASS A Rain Of Peach Blossoms

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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure why they didn't incorporate that this time around. :(
  2. Am I just stupid or something, thinking that it would make them more money to make it tradeable?? People like me, don’t spend money on the game and will not no matter what, however if they made the pass tradeable, they would’ve made $25 extra that they didn’t make this time...
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  3. I agree that I think it would them more money, too! Many more people would buy it if they could pay someone bentos in-game instead of forking over the ECs themselves. I mean, even on 99 ECs passes (which are more affordable) you get loads of people wanting to buy it with bentos. I'm curious as to what made them decide to not do it this time, because I don't think any data would lead to the conclusion that non-trading/non-gifting is more profitable.
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  4. I just NOW realized that the cash one doesn't give you the avy.

    I'm VERY happy I didn't decide to spend money to buy Cats to drop in parties since it was needed for the Peace quest. I'll be telling my friends not to do it either.

    If only there was a delete botton to remove the quest and get rid of the item. They have now become an eyesore. 😔
  5. Why so ugly avis?
  6. It does say on the post that avatars are available with the VIP pass.
  7. I agree so much. And Canadians it's more expensive for us for some reason? But ever since the circus hunt I've just been consistently let down and lost interest in playing.
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  8. Don't spend your money for this greedy event, guys =))
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  9. I haven't checked the forums until recently when someone in my club brought it up. With this information I'll be checking the forums with each new event now to make sure I don't make the same mistake again.
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  10. What even are the choices in the first decision fork of the vip quests?
    I have no idea if I should choose to run away, confront or attack the demon smh😒
  11. Have a look at this thread it has all of the choices and what you need to do to complete them
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  12. Please refer to the Stories Tiers and Rewards thread.
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  13. Anyone else get the wrong final avi? I chose female first and I got the male final avi 😐 I'm fuming 😠🤬
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  14. Wtf. Send a help ticket
  15. I did.
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  16. Same thing happened to me, just a warning don’t end the story before opening your final box as well or it doesn’t let you open it
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  17. Such bs. I want my female Avi 😭
  18. How do i evolve them, i got rhe basic samurai and i after the higher one. I selected the option "attack"
  19. Just continue completing the tasks! Check out the Stories Tiers and Rewards thread.
  20. This just happened to me and I can't send a help ticket because there's been an open one on my account that hasn't been responded to and closed! 😭😭 Idk what to do.