A Potato

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  1. Is so perfect. It can be chips, it can be fries, it can be mashed potatoes, it can be scalloped, it can be hashbrowns. What I'm saying is, I should've been born a potato and also I'm hungry kthx
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  2. Eat a raw potato
  3. I could never give em up they're so yummy
  4. Ew
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  5. Baked potatoes 🤤
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  6. Carbs arnt actul bad for you. Some are needed
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  7. 💁‍♀️give them up for a few months...you won't say that anymore
  8. They are, but radishes and turnips make a good potato substitute. Roast them in the oven with some olive oil and seasonings. They taste just like redskin potatoes
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  9. Your body needs complex carbs. Simple carbs aren’t good though
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  10. Everyone says that but white rice is relatively healthy...brown rice is actually p terrible for you. There's too much indigestible fiber and it can make many ppl sick which is y ppl in asian countries started removing all the shell til it was white rice
  11. To much fiber is bad too, but I mean just as far as carbs themselves go. Like if you look at a diabetic diet it breaks down what carbs are good and which ones aren’t. I personally prefer brown rice over white rice, but if you eat a lot of rice then your fiber intake could become an issue. I have days where I eat real healthy and days where I eat like shit 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ so I can’t preach to anyone on how to eat, I just know more about the carbs cause I’ve dealt a lot with diabetic patients and what not.
  12. I mean. What's you're diabetic or have ibs or whatever, your body's already fucked so that can't be a basis for what healthy ppl should eat. I like white rice a lit and some of the healthiest nations in the world like white rice a lot, too, and that's good enough for me 🤷‍♀️
  13. There’s so many different kinds of rice it’s crazy, I’m don’t like any rice that’s sticky lol idk why it just bothers me
  14. Acquired taste maybe
  15. I'm healthy, I eat a diabetic diet so I don't get the diabetes. Runs in my family. Prevention is the best medicine.
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  16. If it runs in your family I think that's different. No one in my family has ever had diabetes or any eating related illnesses, including obesity (one of my cousins is overweight and that's it) and we all eat relatively similar. Altho most of them eat meat and I don't
  17. Potato should have been my middle name
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  18. No i need them coz of how active i am. Carbs helps keep full and for me is my main sorce of calories which i need coz without them im majorly under what i need to be having. But tbh nothing is bad for you. Its only bad if you have to much of something
  19. That's why I never have too much cocaine. One bender a month and that's it
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