A little blue in the land of Blue

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  1. Once upon a time in the little kingdom of Curacao Blue, there was a little blue who was a little blue because all the other blues had gone away...
  2. The little blue was so sad, because they didn't have enough people around for a good game of frisbee, so no one was getting any chocolates.
  3. The little blue raised his head up and as hestare to the gloomy gray sky of the once bright lively blue kingdom, the little blue share a blue tear drop waiting for the beloved Blues to clear up the grayness of the sky.
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  4. Soon, little blue hoped. Soon the minions of blue would return from their conquests with new stories of victory. Maybe they'll even bring new friends and allies to breath new life into the kingdom. The kingdom of blue was once a vibrant and bustling place of wealth and prosperity.
  5. What happened? Where did everyone go?
  6. They 'blew'.
  7. But in those old days when the blue kingdom was new, the great king had made a bold decision. If only he knew what would come.

    From far away, across the world came a force, and in the blue kingdom, consternation grew.
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  9. and the king of those cutie blues decided to set an alliance with the kingdom of red thinking that his kingdom will become stronger....
    Little did he know that would make them all fade in the name of purple
  10. The purple really changed the people. They became monsters who fed off the weak. Little blue was in hiding waiting for the return of the blue minions in hope that the purple was defeated. Little blue grew more lonely and was frightened of the dangers around him.
  11. Supplies was running low and little blue knew he would have to learn how to fend for himself. All the blue minions were gifted with the power to create force field bubbles and to shoot pointy shards but unfortunately for little blue he is not tapped into his powers and must learn how to activate them.
  12. Pause if we create a show or book can I be in on it I’m invested in this story now and will probably be adding a lot 🤩😂🤣
  13. Little blue trained day by day learning to catch food, simple surviving skills, and a bit of combat. And despite all his efforts he still could not activate his powers. After many trial and errors he decided it was time for him to start his journey and leave his hiding for he could feel a purple wave approaching soon
  14. As little blue walks amongst the trees in the forest he could see the damage created by the purple. Animals lay dead on the ground and with traces of purple every where his body shivered with cold sweats. A NOISE! Little blue jumped then he could see rustling in the bushes
  15. Ok now I’m going to give someone else a chance to add on but if I come up with something good I’ll be back 😉😘
  16. If you couldn’t tell where I was going the noise in the bushes ends up being a animal or person who becomes an ally to little blue and helps him on his journey I’ll let the next person decide who this next character will be