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    Beer pong and backwards hats... we must be at a college party! Grab a friend and party hard because we're going until March 29th at 12:00 p.m. PST!

    POV of my crew showing up with a case of * insert drink of personal preference*.



    Extra Avatars


    It's a celebration, after all!
    For this hunt, we will have two amazing avatars that can be purchased directly from the Shop for 20 ECs! Buying one of these avatars will start an EXCLUSIVE story.

    - These two avatars will be available until March 28
    - The story that they activate will be active until April 15. It cannot be extended.
    - While the story is active until
    April 15, some actions can ONLY be completed during this hunt

    - If you do not complete certain story actions during this hunt, such as sending hunt-specific gifts, you will not be able to complete the full story.


    Completing that story will reward the VIP version of your avatar!



    Available through Beer Boxes and the Furniture Store!

    Beer Box

    Pet Styles

    Pet Styles are available through the Pet Styles Shop and Pet Styles Box!

    You meant it was a LAN party, right?
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  2. what is this ratchetness🧍‍♀️
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  3. Yee yee
  4. Noooooooooo🌚
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  5. OH
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  6. I’m not complaining ig
  7. The avis are littttt but the furnis are meh
  9. This is the first time I’m that early
  10. bleh okay at least no invs
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  11. I was expecting more greens because of st. paddy’s
  12. oooo lookit the Apes with their fancy lil avatar gif (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ 🖤
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  13. 👀uhhmm
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