A *Great* New Way to Earn ECs!

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  1. Idk if it’s just me but are anyone else’s offers literally ALL gambling and casino related? 😂 like I don’t have a single offer that doesn’t want me to spend like £100 on a gambling website it’s ridiculous. I miss when I could actually play games for ec ))):
  2. This a lie all they want you to do is download an app and make a purchase if you can’t purchase ec what makes em think you can buy something on another app for free EC 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
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  3. How can i earn free ec
  4. Me too
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  5. Despite having all my settings on, I never get any free ec options... it’s always “make a purchase” in order to get ec...
  6. Preach!
  7. I've complete their offers for ec before and they just didn't give me my credit 😑😤
  8. Tbh i've completed a few and got my ecs 🤭 I noticed to get those download an app / play some games till a certain level you gotta be using an android. All my offers on my iPhone are casino/gambling related as well but as for my android it's mostly games so I guess it differs in devices.
  9. The only offers i ever get or have gotten are to buy something. No games at all 😞
  10. Apple changed their policies so at the current time only paid options are available on iPhones. This came direct from ATA when I asked them
  11. The offer wall is crap. i can download a game and try doing multiple offers but I can only get ONE completed because I'm not a new player anymore??? What kind of crap is that :(
  12. Offers are not available its been months😪😪
  13. Yep mine are either ones I've done, super small ec offer or purchase ones.
  14. Adding this to the list of reasons why I want a Google Pixel 3 instead of an Apple iPhone.
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  15. Adding this to the list of reasons why I want a Google Pixel 3 instead of an Apple iPhone.
  16. Selling massai mara 999 wmo♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  17. I already did this but now all I have is purchasing things offers ☠️
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  18. Could we not have it so we make ecs of the side story of a hunt
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  19. Has no offers and if does I have to still pay so like wtf