EVENT A Campus Carol

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  1. Okay thank you very much☺️
  2. Low key I forget to mention the second side story is out lolz and the third side story may come out today or tomorrow at changeover
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  3. Wish it would be Harry Potter theme again 😞💕 but I love the skeleton avi 😍
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  4. I love the Harry Potter hunt!

    I also love the avis from the current hunt. And I don't know if its just me but the main story avi rewards have a Harry Potter kind of vibe imo :)
  5. Anyone think we’ll be getting Xmas shards?? Don’t wanna use up my bentos just incase
  6. I feel we may get Winter themed avis but not specifically Christmas since the current one ends after Christmas Day (at least I believe it does) 🤔
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  7. Okay that’s fair, and I can dig it if that’s the case. Thanks for your input
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  8. Still waiting for that Shrek hunt (๑◕︵◕๑)
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  9. How do you get the skeleton avi?
  10. It is an avi available in the third and fourth side story, for now only the 1st-3rd side stories are available but eventually the 4th will start up (where you get the vip version of the skeleton avi, since the 3rd side story gives you regular)
    You need to finish the side stories in order (1-4) though, so you can’t skip to the third or fourth
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  11. When does it show up? Someone said you have to reach tier 3 before it opens. I'm so confused 🤔 :)
  12. The skeleton avi is a side story special avatar, so you have to collect 1.5k Christmas memories, 2.1k Cozy Christmas Cheer, until finally you get to the third side story where you get the Avi after collecting 3,000 Lonely Christmas future.
    The Christmas memories are those things that look like selfies that you get from parties, when you get to 1,500 of those then you start to collect Cozy Christmas cheer which looks like pictures of eggnog or hot coca. After 2,100 of those, you then start collecting Lonely Christmas Future. Finally, at 3,000 of those side story items, you get the regular Skelton avi
  13. The wrong Carol--
  14. So close to the ghost skeleton avi
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  15. Thank you bro very much, I appreciate you taking the time to expla6this to me. Merry Christmas ☃️🎄
  16. ✨🌟✨❄❄❄☃️❄❄❄✨🌟✨
    🎁🎄 🇯 🇴 🇾 🇪 🇺 🇽 🎄🎁
    ✨🎁✨ 🇳 🇴 🇪 🇱 ✨🎁✨
    ✨❄❄❄❄❄✨ ❄❄❄❄❄✨
  17. Waiting for the updated dino hunt
    Then and only then will I use the cats i bought🦖🦕