1000 Spinner Results

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  1. Thanks for sharing 👍very close to my results
  2. zero cat. sadt
  3. Tbh I thought the munions seemed to never drop anymore. Fascinating!

    7 Boxes eek
  4. Just tried 100 spins on my alt and here are my drops:

    Chibi Tempura 16
    Chibi Launch 8
    Amps Otaku 2
    Capsule 1
    Goldfish 3
    EC 1x16, 5x1
    Limo x 1
    Monthly stat item x 35
    Pep 7
    Peace tag 8hr x 1
    Speaker 100 x 2
    Monthly timer box x 8
  5. Will try with spins of varied sample size to get more idea. Now saving up for 250, 500 and 1000 spins.
  6. My theory of getting higher level ec reward is that ATA pegs the system to it only disburses fixed amount of Ec/Kini/Cat every hour. More number of people spinning means getting lesser chance of higher level rewards.
  7. Damn 1k spinner looks ass. I’ve been saving up since I got this account. So far I’m 300 spinners in without having the multiplyer for the spinner coin.

  8. You nerds have way too much time. I real player would try to figure out a hack withall those spins. What starting point gives you the best prize if any not what you won.

    Tru votes ATA lock this thread and give out more Cats in the spinner.
  9. From what I've heard avi stats play a role in this too
  10. Whoever said that is stupid
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  11. They did the whole statistics thing, I think they did 100 spins per avi
  12. Who did? And where's the data?

    Never heard of that either.
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  13. What was the control?
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  14. [​IMG]
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