1000 Spinner Results

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  1. Good Job

    No Support to the rigged ATA Spinner.
  2. Haha I was sad I didn't get a cat even after a 1000 spin.
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  3. This is remarkable. I didn’t think I needed it but i did, lol. The chances of winning cat is so random. I won 3x cat few days after I started playing. Maybe after 20 spins.
  4. Yes it's random for the cat but chance of getting it is slim.
  5. I wonder if time is a "luck" factor here.
  6. What do you mean?
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  7. I did 182 spins the other day and also go primarily cash and chibis. One of cashes was a smol lotto (more than regular payout but not the highest) I did get one cat tho and 30 ec (all in the form of 1 ec) 👀 and a I finished the monthly spinner set. It's not as scientific as op's but think my luck was good/maybe better. Maybe they adjusted the spinner? Everyone else save up a ton and post your results too 👀
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  8. If there's this specific time of the day where you could win the cat/kini or other items which are difficult to obtain in the spinner.

    Putting it into context, what if i would try to spin via my alt and via my main at the exact time. Would my alt somehow get the same (or similar) item that my main would get?

    (Am I making sense here? 😂 I'm trying my best 😆🙈)

    Btw... I noticed that obtaining the monthly spinner box was A LITTLE BIT harder than I would before 🙁 is it just me or?
  9. That would be interesting if this was the case. I'm not sure I've seen any evidence of this though but I don't think anyone done any testing on that variable before.
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  10. I support! Maybe we could get the average or run a probability test from all the data gathered here.
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  11. I have just over 500 saved now i maybe I'll spin them this weekend and post the results. I won't be able to have them as organized as op but still hahah
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  12. Since somebody mentioned that gathering data might be a cool idea, I figured I’d just record the outcomes of my start-of-the-month spins and share them here. Hope that’s okay.

    It’s not nearly as many spins as OP did (and not a whole lot overall), but here are my results of spinning 160 times.

    (And, yes, I’m quite aware that that is not a reliable sample size. I’d never claim that Cats actually have a ~0.6% chance of dropping from the spinner because I’ve never actually got one from it before. It’s just for fun and… uh… bad science, I guess.)

    Monthly Spinner Items: 40 | 25%
    Bi Pride Lion: 15 | 9.275%
    Trans Pride Lion: 10 | 6.25%
    “Pride” Sign: 10 | 6.25%
    Gay Pride Lion: 5 | 3.125%

    Cash: 31 | 19.375%

    Tempura Chibi: 24 | 15%
    Goth Girl: 10 | 6.25%
    Party Animal: 7 | 4.375%
    Rastafarian: 4 | 2.5%
    Rock Angel: 3 | 1.875%

    Speed-Ups: 15 | 9.275%
    1-Hr Pet Feeding: 4 | 2.5%
    5-Min Pet Feeding (x3): 4 | 2.5%
    5-Min Pet (x2): 3 | 1.875%
    1-Day Pet Feeding: 1 | 0.625%
    1-Hr Pet: 1 | 0.625%
    5-Min Capsule (x3): 1 | 0.625%
    5-Min Box (x2): 1 | 0.625%

    3-Day Pet: none
    3-Day Pet Feeding: none
    1-Day Pet: none

    12-Hr Box: none
    12-Hr Capsule: none
    3-Hr Box: none
    3-Hr Pet: none
    3-Hr Pet Feeding: none
    1-Hr Capsule: none

    Extra Credits: 13 | 8.125%
    1 EC: 11 | 6.875%
    10 ECs: 1 | 0.625%
    5 ECs: 1 | 0.625%

    50 ECs: none

    Launch Chibi: 9 | 5.625%
    Athlete: 4 | 2.5%
    Bro: 3 | 1.875%
    Mgmt. Student: 2 | 1.25%
    Cheerleader: none

    Monthly Timer Box: 7 | 4.375%

    Party Amps: 4 | 2.5%
    Bro Code (x1): 2 | 1.25%
    Art Skool (x1): 1 | 0.625%
    VIP Pass (x1): 1 | 0.625%
    Otaku (x2): none

    Art Skool (x2): none
    VIP Pass (x2): none
    Hipster (x2): none
    Bro Code (x2): none
    Otaku (x1): none
    Hipster (x1): none

    Doctor’s Notes: 4 | 2.5%
    1 DN: 4 | 2.5%
    5 DNs: none
    10 DNs: none

    Pep! Chibi: 4 | 2.5%
    Study Fiend: 2 | 1.25%
    Mad Scientist: 1 | 0.625%
    Cowgirl: 1 | 0.625%
    Volleyball Captain: none

    Peace Tags: 3 | 1.875%
    8-Hour: 2 | 1.25%
    1-Day: 1 | 0.625%

    3-Day: none

    Speaker Tokens: 2 | 1.25%
    10 Speakers: 1 | 0.625%
    100 Spakers: 1 | 0.625%
    25 Speakers: none

    Capsule Pets: 2 | 1.25%
    Croc: 1 | 0.625%
    Piglet: 1 | 0.625%

    Chick: none
    Fox: none
    Leopard: none

    Hypno Cats: 1 | 0.625%
    2 Cats: 1 | 0.625%
    1 Cat: none
    3 Cats: none

    Slow Jam: 1 | 0.625%
    1 Jam: 1 | 0.625%
    3 Jams: none

    Pizza Bikini: none
    1 Kini: none
    2 Kinis: none
    3 Kinis: none

    Care Pack Notice: none
    1 Notice: none
    2 Notices: none
    3 Notices: none

    Party Vehicles: none
    Yacht (x2): none
    Yacht (x1): none
    Limo (x1): none
    Limo (x2): none

    Plush Munion: none

    Crackers the Goldfish: none

    Comparing the percentages with OP's, most are actually not that far off (if you consider the limit of Timer boxes, which I haven't hit yet, and the fact that my sample size was a lot smaller). So I guess we're pretty close to the actual probabilities of getting these items from the spinner.

    By the way, if there's any mathematical errors in there (except for the fact that the percentages probably don't quite add up to 100 because rounding is a thing), feel free to point those out. I haven't done math since high school and I'm a little out of practice.

    Also, yes, this is pretty useless to know and I probably shouldn't have wasted so much time on it but... eh. It was kinda fun and interesting to me 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. Thank you Avo
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  14. Hello! This is what I got ❤️


    I will combine OP's and Avo's to my result later... (or tomorrow - depends if I have spare time hihi ❤️)
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  15. Here it is! ❤️


    As you may have noticed, there are two totals indicated (GEN TOTAL and SPEC TOTAL).

    In the gen(eral) total, that is where I combined our (op's, avo's, and my) results. The variables used were provided by OP.

    In the spec(ific) total, I excluded OP's result. This is because OP was not able to specify other items such as: which launch chibi, amp, etc. was it. If I would include OP's result, it would cause a disparity. I admit, though, that I was confused about the multipier OP used for the extra credits, so I was scared to touch that part thus creating this spec total 🤣🙈❤️ The variables used were provided by Avo.

    (Peer review is much appreciated. This is open for corrections and improvements.)

    I AGREE!

    YES! If anyone wants to share their results, feel free to drop it here, so I (or we ❤️) could add it to the existing data we have here.
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  16. I hope this works. This is my second month of spinning 300/month.

  17. Lol it didn't work
  18. Thanks for the info ♥️
  19. Hi this is the coronavirus please don’t ask questions