EVENT 🧟 The Campus Brain Gnaw Massacre 🧟

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  1. The pvp part is so annoying. I’m not even going for lb so the mass of inc nfs is really getting on my nerves.
    ATA you should’ve had the option again for players to choose yes or no for pvp and have cans drop for them ONLY.
    Either do that or just take my cans away ffs hasn’t even been a day and I’m already tired of this. And we gotta go through this until 2/7? L major l 💀
  2. This is a PvP game. You can’t opt out of a game mechanism
  3. The reason why I said “again” is because it’s been done before. So yes, you can opt out if ATA allows it- which they should’ve done again.
  4. Y'all done ruin my born month with trash hunts 😒 I'm tired of the futuristic stuff and zombies 😒 Y'all make January depressing 😪
  5. It went from 18 boxes for 1800 tokens. 18 for 2500 tokens. Now 16 for 2500 tokens 😐 like no one was paying attention 🙄
  6. Perfect time to take a break
  7. ɪ ᴅɪᴅ ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇᴅ ɪᴛ ᴀs ᴡᴇʟʟ 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Okay well this is still a PvP game. Would you rather opt out and then get farmed for cash instead? I much prefer it be item drops we lose
  9. I really don’t understand why you’re sitting here arguing with my opinion.
    The game is hardly pvp anymore, just basically what the App Store calls it: “life simulator rp chat”.
    But idk if you’re new or just don’t remember but participating players didn’t waste their dns on non-participating players when they could be using them on other participating players to get those drops and rewards; which is a win-win in my opinion. I’ve also never heard of anyone farming someone for opting out, idk where you got that from. If anything there were a couple stray hits the first few days but they were almost always followed by an “oops sorry I thought you had (item)” on your wall or didn’t even happen if you wrote in your status “not participating”.
    And I never complained about hits, I said the NFS are annoying me.
    So yes, I would rather opt out and not be spammed.
  10. Zombies again?! Come on ATA this like the 50th Zombie hunt. Y’all need to come out with better hunt ideas. Your reusing the same old ideas. Why don’t you ask players for ideas??
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  11. Love zombies but I’m too busy irl - if y’all need a target to farm (just for the hunt) go crazy babes 🔪
  12. The PvP mechanic for soup is broken for me. I submitted a ticket just for you guys to tell me there’s no problem. While there’s plenty people they let me lose soup there’s only 1 person I’ve found that I can get soup from. I’ve hit plenty of people.

    I shouldn’t have to move everything out of my account just to get this crap to work— and just for you guys to tell me there’s no problem when there is. And I’m not the only one who isn’t getting soup whatsoever
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  13. Ah actually you can deactivate the notification for battle/hits! I think there's an option for that huhu but ye I feel ya
  14. Hi hun! Do those people you've hit have canned foods in their inventory available? Also, in my personal observation, one tends to get less to none of the drops when hitting players with way way way lower mcs than them so that could be a possibility. But yeah, otherwise, there could be a glitch or bug and I hope it'll get resolved on your part 🤗
  15. Is it Halloween?
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  16. Bruh obviously..

    Not gonna sit here and write a paragraph about a problem I’m not 100% sure is a problem 🥴
  17. I did a PvP t10 in the past.

    That one was broken too when the hunt first started. Nothing in this game works the first time, there’s always problems.
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  18. You're not losing cash or energy though, only cans, which you imply you don't care about. You can just ignore the notifications.
  19. this reminds me of the Last of Us show that just got released on HBO Max lol especially the animal stat item in store since it’s named Ellie 🥹
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  20. People with lots of misc and big showcases need to go out of their way to weaken themselves in order for this PvP hunt to reward any cans. Don’t know why it’s like this but it’s the same issue as the last PvP hunt. And no, it’s not a me or us problem it’s however you guys set it up. Nobody should have to take the time to trade bcs and bcs and bcs away to be able to participate.
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