LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Magical Heroes Shard Box

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  1. Im so glad Ive stayed inactive the last three months honestly this game is such a shitshow at this point.
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  2. Im ngl.. I only like the first two sets. The loads of detail just disappears and the style shifts, it takes on the more PIMD anime style. I love that style, its great.. but not when mixed with a more close detail, harsher lines.
  3. 必 quit teasing me with sailor moon content and then not delivering. Did anyone on the design team actually watch the anime cuz its not feeling like ya did
  4. Masculinity is dead brush
  5. I understand disliking their monthly decision of actually removing a masc avatar option.. but this is just silly. Tight clothing and dynamic posing doesnt take away them being the masc avatars. Its not like theyre gonna whip out all their genitalia for you 唐唐
  6. Selling shards

    Prismatic 20:1

    Amethyst 70:1

    Emerald 200:1
  7. Haha im sure they would, when have any MAN ever wore tight latex shirt like the red shard one ? Showing belly button unless they're gay Or whatever the purple set is wearing on his arms ? The last set when have any man strike a pose like that ? Cmon now, this been ongoing since last year i swear haha is okay you don't have to agree with me but the details are inevitable.
  8. My lumberjack of a husband would be hot as shit in these clothes.. because clothes are just that. These avis arent supposed to look normal. They arent going to make avatars of plain shit for avi packs, that would just be stupid. They literally JUST did a plain, business themed hunt with boring, simple suits. You just want to have an issue with things you perceive as queer 延
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  9. Men used to wear crop tops all the time. Styles change as time progresses. Clothing doesnt determine someones sexuality or gender.