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  1. If you need help to get hit try wall me im helping others players
  2. *sighs* I see why Sansa stopped trying to explain it to you. You're like a broken record. "Only big and noobs get the spotlight, only noobs and bigs, b-b-big, n-n-noobs get it."
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  3. this is public i can write that I can continue too
  4. Spotlight is for big and noobs
  5. 😂😂😂😂 spotlight is for big and noobs
  6. You be mad I laugh
  7. Tanto se scrivo nella mia lingua dovete tradurre e mai troverete la traduzione di Buei !
  8. Forums is English only. Also I'm pretty sure you're breaking the spam rule too luv. Check out the Forums Code of Conduct.
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  9. gli italiani capiscono,there are Italians too they understand
  10. Italians don't exist.
  11. we are in yours dream
  12. I don't dream about Italians.
  13. may nightmares
  14. Anyone wanna trade rumors?
  15. I have this same problem.
    First time I decide to spend real money and the whole story sucks if you aren't able to hit at a certain time or if your are not big stat enough. Sorry but I gotta work! Can't keep by my phone All day. I thought that paying money would make it a bit easier but it isn't. And... To end my rant not a single rumour has dropped for me at all yet. So far I have spent €9 on getting frustrated with nothing to show for it but high blood pressure.
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  16. when ill be quest? Im at the 10 k poster
  17. Anybody willing to sell suspicions?
  18. How can I get to 6 tiers in the collectathon XC? It's only going to three for me.
  19. U will actually have to do it twice and also u can get 4 tiers if u place in top 100
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  20. Someone wants to trade rumors? I need suspicions hmu