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Discussion in 'Events' started by ATABurgerRP, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. Trade 40 rumors with me, pls
  2. Looking to trade Suspicion 🤗
  3. Add me to trade 25 rumors
  4. I have spare campus rumors if anyone need to trade them for task. Just wall me.
  5. Wall me, I need to trade 40 rumors
  6. Trade some rumours with me?
  7. All romors are traded away
  8. Trading rumors to anyone who needs it!
    As of this post, I need ten but the rest are extra!
  9. I was wrong, I need 50 but there's still plenty extra.
  10. I drink have rumors for trade if you still need
  11. Thank you, I'm good now. The rest are extras if anyone else needs any.
  12. Anyone able to trade rumours with me?
  13. Anyone still need to trade rumors
  14. add me ad add yourself both so we help each other !
  15. can anyone trade me 50 rumors
  16. I need to trade rumoura if anyone can help