LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🥳 There's a Party in Single City! 🥳

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  1. Typical ata then right? Only works if you are paying them loads of money to fly through.
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  2. This is total facts. Sad thing is people will keep giving them money so they will continue to be nothing but greedy.
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  3. I finally made it to LR 15 yesterday. How? By spending A LOT of time on there. No money spent. However, the saying is that time is money and arguably even more valuable than money so take that as you will. I just have a lot of free time atm.
    I started a few days before the cross over was announced. Im thinking that if I’d have been able to play from the launch announcement, I might have even reach level 16 without spending money. But that is kinda doubtful. Definitely I think I could do it with less than $100 (maybe $70) but I’m not going to spend money on it. The city I was placed in definitely helped since I was able to place in the top 5 on events with no huge players. That meant better rewards that helped me make it to level 15. Reading forum guides on what to expect before I got to a certain level and doing sc academy helped, too.
    I have people in my crew with full time jobs and kids who seem to have made it to LR 15 but I haven’t asked about the money (if any) they spent. You either had to spend a lot of time on here or spend money to get to those higher rewards. But that’s the same with anything like this. It wasn’t going to just be handed out unfortunately. Wouldn’t that have been nice? 😂
    Sad I won’t get to 16 but I’m laughing at what miscalculation went on to originally have it at level 22. That was crazy.
    Congrats to everyone who’s gotten however far along in the game. We all have something to show we participated in something special. Now when noobs come along and see our showcase we can show off that which they will never be allowed to obtain lmao. They can be as salty as I am whenever I see the Heckfire 499 in dorms
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  4. yes, every 1/20 takes what, 60s off? 😂 Been there, done that.
  5. I'm still sceptical about these few posts that claim they made it to lvl 15 without spending anything. Even if you got lucky and kept placing top 5's (I'm in a city with Fitz and Queen who I believe to be placed by ATA accounts so rip) it doesn't guarantee you the furniture and parts? Only cash, speed ups, pizza, roomie furnies ect. There is literally no way I see it doable and no one posted a guide for a reason, there isn't a way to do it lol. Even with spending "some" money it's hard. And no, it does not come to strategy. There is no way to strategise random drops. One will be inevitably money wall blocked by cushions, faucets and wheels needed to reach LR 15. If you wait, your upgrades are on hang, you lose time. Lvl 15 LR takes 3 days to upgrade.
    Anyway, no one forced my hand, and I'm an adult, got cute crate items, but honestly, if you are prone to gambling addictions and similar issues just avoid these events all together, they are not healthy.
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  6. Theres a general one and specific ones. It takes heaps off
  7. I mean I made it to LR15 without spending anything. Started 3 days after the crossover was announced. 🤠
  8. With this event alone, I’ve realized that I am prone to gambling 🥲