EVENT 🤫Invitation to Initiation🔒🗝️

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Queens, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Wrong thread
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  2. This is unholy, damning souls to hell
  3. I honestly don’t think this hunt is bad, rather cute actually. First hunt where I try and get the third story avatar. I don’t see why people hate this hunt so much. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  4. I think its because some people think stuff like this is degrading...
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  5. My only complaint with this hunt is that the more dominant avis specifically female are only available through box and leaderboard 😔👊
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  6. Your obliviously to young if this is your reaction its an adult game what you expect rainbows and unicorns every hunt
  7. @LeeJarrett Perhaps an adult can fix you up some milk and cookies while you watch Sesame Street
    Is an adult there to fix you up some milk and cookies? Turn on Sesame Street for you? Also @LeeJarrett if the Boogeyman comes at night, it's imaginary.
  8. Still hating these single no choice avatar boxes. Wanted female got male at first 8k drop so thought okay, will open the 16k VIP avi box now. Got the Male again. Seriously ATA? Opened the 1.5 k drop side story, got the lower stat female. Now I know how smaller players feel with having no choice. This is destroying the game. Please ATA, rethink these avatar boxes. Games are supposed to be enjoyable but these boxes are taking the joy out of the game and causing some despair instead. 😔
  9. U can get vip female on next side story for 2.3 drop
  10. So upset that we cant pick our gender for a avi... Both times I got the guy...
  11. Side story gives the other 1. So you got both
  12. how many times does ata have to explain why they made it so the avi is random?.. 😔
  13. “rapingly” bdsm (and sex in general) is all supposed to be consensual hun
    and also if this is your reaction to this hunt then you might want to change your current avatar from the punk theme 👀 especially knowing punks are known for non-judgement and the punk community preaches sex positivity
  14. I'm not punk.
  15. I know, but you said you didnt want those avis because they “make your skin crawl” but since youre currently using an avi from a theme that supports the very thing you hate, then you might wanna change it
  16. Another male avatar from the 8k avatar box for the 4th or 5th hunt in a row.

    I’ll be lucky to reach 16k by the end of hunt.

    Avatar boxes suck so hard and are a stupid mechanic that makes me want to quit in disgust.

    ATA, you won’t get money from me as long as this keeps up. I have no reason to want to pay to play.
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  17. So... y’all used a “college” secret society hunt to excuse a bdsm theme 👀 mhmmm ok ok we see you!
  18. Be active n you will get it easy. Why would ata give more stuff to someone that berly on their game
  19. I remember when being active got you both male and female avatars at the same time, and it was okay to be casual. It wasn’t even that long ago. 😢 But now it’s just so annoying and disappointing when you get the gendered avatar you don’t want, and have to hope for a bunch of easy parties or cat parties to hit the next goal.

    I really didn’t think it would be asking so much to take the randomness out of the story rewards, given that all the other boxes are such awful gambles and the leaderboards are so far beyond most peoples’ reach, y’know?
  20. Your name is literally DemonCat sis
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