CURRENT EVENT 🤫Invitation to Initiation🔒🗝️

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  1. good to know my cat money doesn’t have a chance of being wasted. 😊
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  2. Exactly sweet! I notice that tbh...
  3. Hahahahahah! I agree...
  4. Has this even started yet?
  5. The club furniture xc thingy
  6. Mine is 8k drops... interesting
  7. The 8k drops one is for the main story. The 3rd side story gives you another set of avatars when completed
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  8. I don't think so. They haven't posted anything about it yet
  9. These Avis hella ugly.
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  10. Totally loving this one!
  11. Thankfully the only male avi i like is achievable
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  12. ATA fr being horny this quarantine
  13. I guess on the bright side these avis will make it easier to avoid the perverts.
  14. My question is how do we get the third avi girl?Cause i haven’t seen her anywhere in the shop or hunt boxes?
  15. You get that avi set as rewards from completing the 3rd side story mission.
  16. Y’all where’s the last avi box for the main lol
  17. You get a second avi box from completing 16k main story drops. It contains the VIP versions of the avis you get from completing 8k drops
  18. Do you mean the second VIP avi box? It is at the end of the 2nd side storyline, as it has been for a few hunts now. The side storyline will be released today at changeover.
  19. Selling this hunt 499 Please just Wall me Offer 💕