EVENT 🤫Invitation to Initiation🔒🗝️

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  1. We’re you guys smoking something? What makes you think this was a good idea?!
  2. This is right up my alley..I mean uh- pfftt just another laaame hunt 🙄
  3. Where do you get the avi?
  4. You can get those from story rewards, hunt boxes, and leaderboard rewards.
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  5. Female avi looks more good then compare to the male one avi.. 😥
  6. Been like that for probly 1yr if not longer
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  7. Absolutely in love with this hunt 🥰 For y’all complaining just send me your misc and furni from the hunt 🌚
  8. How do we get the AVI with the flower blouse?
  9. That one will be a side story avi. So when the 3rd side story is out you'll probably need about 3k side drops for it.
  10. Is ATA becoming a virtual meat market
  11. Seems like that for most hunts now
  12. I have a question:
    how much are you going to sell this hunt's 999? Someone is selling it for 80b.
  13. That's like a whole dorm price already...
  14. Do the 3rd story avatars come in boxes too? 👀
  15. A 999 can be anywhere from 9b to 100b+ depending what it is and what level it is
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  16. Will there be a avatars from a 149 ecs boxes?
  17. Not likely considering we just had one last hunt that are still available in the shop.
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  18. How do I buy the Avis???
  19. No they don't. You receive both male and female avis when you get 3k side story drops.
  20. These avis can't be bought. You can get one set from hunt boxes, and the others as rewards for completing stories
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