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  1. Seriously ATA, to date, including this hunt, I have again opened the avatar box to find yet another male avatar. Not managed to get one female since these annoying avatar boxes were started. No wonder I see so many PIMD accounts these days with the Avi boxes not opened. Seen more moans about same again in cc too.
    I doubt I will bother now with the avatar boxes as the idea of a game is to enjoy, not get annoyed and frustrated.
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  2. Perhaps you or ATA would like to enlghten those of us that missed that explaination please Phobia. Do you have a link maybe that can bring those of us still not in the know, up to date please?
    In all my years here in game, I have rarely come to the forums to complain. This time however, I am very aware of lots of discontent via club chats and other apps etc.
    Stay safe All. 💞
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  3. thank you for this nice message hun ill gladly explain 💕 i dont know how to link on forums but I do know that they make avis random so that it will make people want to progress through the story/hunt more and to keep up the interest and hype of the hunt. thats also part of the reason why avis will never be tradable, because otherwise it takes out the fun and work of getting the avatar you want (and people would sell for op and it would be messy lol)
  4. Here's a link that could help. :)
  5. Honestly it makes me want to play less.
    I used to be all in on these hunts but the more I spent and the less I got out of it, the more I realized that I could never spend enough money to get ahead in this game.

    (I really wanted one certain box avatar, spent tons of money and still failed!)

    so these changes make me ever less likely to play seriously and to expect disappointment on a regular basis.
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  6. Love this hunt so much 💖 the first one I’ve been interested so far this year! I jumped back in a cat club to enjoy 😂😂💖
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  7. *Spoiler*

    love how it says “welcome to the anime club.”🙈
  8. Loving this hunt so far but I’m too broke to sesh and I probably will not get the 3rd story avatar 🥺 Condolences anyone? Lol
  9. How many legs to this quest are there? I'm on the 1500 secret switches and 35000 cards. I'll be so peeved if it turns out there's more stages after that, the quest ends in the next couple of days....
  10. When do I get to the 3rd set of Avatars, the new ones? I'm currently on the 35k cards and 2.1k prank notes
  11. You can click here to check out the hunt quests and the rewards :)
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  12. You can get those avis as rewards from completing the third side story (collecting 3k auction paddles).
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  13. Oh so that's after I complete the 2.1k prank notes one?
  14. Yes that's right!
  15. Great, Thank you!
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  16. Laughs in ex60k drop player
    ATA doesn’t care about us or how much you play. As long as they get your money. 💰
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  17. Get more active = get more drops = get more items
  18. Still doesn’t change my point. ATA doesn’t care how active you are as long as they get your money. You can get on LB without hitting a party. But it’s impossible to get on hunt LB by hitting parties all day as a FTP.
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  19. It was my point. The chick complaining about it berly had 3k drops per hunt. Cant expect to be given everything for doung fuck all
  20. I feel exactly the same way, it isn't challenging at all as they expect us to take it, it is frustrating and tiring. It's a shame because I really enjoy the game... or used to.
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