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  1. 🐱Hypno Kitty Raffle🐈

    Hello PIMD users I’m back at it again with another raffle for y’al . This time around I decided not to do a furniture dorm raffle .

    So I couldn’t really think what else kind of raffle can I do them boom it hit me . Free session at A Cat Club not just 1 cat but 5 cats 🐈.


    1c = 3 entries

    2c = 6 entries

    3c = 9 entries

    4c = 12 entries

    6c =15 entries

    1 bento = 150

    Max Entries 300


    Ends July 4th @ 12am pst

    Winner will be posted @July 4th pm pst

    Hope everyone is staying and heathy

    Please Add me . Gift your entries .



    Ps this is my third raffle ever , if you feel that pricing is wrong or have an option please feel free to dm me and help where you see fit.
  2. Alternatively, 1 bento could buy you some of a cat session so you could pay for it yourself
  3. I’m dropping 5 cats 🐈 that why max entries are 300