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  1. There are a lot of factors like your RS bonus, dorm stats, your tutor bonus, etc. Its not always just profile stats.
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  2. Kinda BS that you're doing a pvp hunt while I'm moving. I'm sad.

    But it's not your fault I guess...I'm still grateful you decided to do pvp hunt
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  3. I'm aware of that. The stats still don't add up. Someone who's 80mcs or 100mcs should never be able to successfully hit someone under 15mcs.
  4. I think you're misunderstanding how pvp works or way overexaggerating something. I'm 40mcs and while I *can* hit my 8mcs alt (so there's no way you at 14mcs aren't allowed to hit someone 10mcs, you probably just got DTW because they were low/out of energy.), There's no point in me doing so because the large stat difference means it's much harder or actually take vials. The # of vials you steal depends on (1) how many vials your target has, and (2) how close you two are in stats. If someone 3-4x your stats is hitting you 100s of times, then they're not stealing many vials from you and they're just wasting their energy. Maybe they're hitting you for a different reason. But there's no point in getting too upset about it since you don't lose any energy or money. If you want to protect your vials while you sleep, you can make sure you get 400 before you go to sleep or you *could* use a peace tag.
  5. Probably already said but why am I not losing vials when people hit me? I’m trying so hard lol
  6. I had two cursed selfies. I clocked to drop. It only counted as one drop but it says I don’t own anymore curses selfies so it took both.
  7. *clicked**
  8. The people hitting you are probably not close enough to you in stats to steal your vials
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  9. Send a help ticket (after trying to restart your game to see if one appears again)
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  10. It’s showing up now. Thanks.
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  11. Case can be stolen?
  12. No, only vials
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  13. how do I make cases? I understand that 400 cure vials make one case but does that mean that I have to have 400 cure vials in my showcase? That means I shouldn’t let anyone steal my cases right?
    I’m so lost...
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  14. That is correct
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  15. Yes once you get 400 vials, they combine to make a case. Cases can't be stolen but vials can. So if you want to make a case, don't let your vials get stolen
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  16. So I have to manage to get 3 cases by combining 400 vials each case for one story and at the same lose 300 vials for another 😂
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  17. such a mess🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
  18. Yeah it's best to just pick which one you want to go for. The losing vials is definitely easier as you'll have to get 19 cases total to finish the 3case story (that expires in a few days)
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  19. Change to str build then. Intel build have always had more cons when it comes to pvp
  20. Is the vial drops random when hitting people? Hit my rs that has almost 200 and i only got 8 from it....no more then what been getting from partys on my alt