EVENT 😱🧠Here Today, Zomb Tomorrow🧟🧟‍♀️

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  1. I have the 19 cases but I do not see leaderboard why?
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  2. In XC

    PS whatever we earned in the past doesn't count
  3. Glad I didn't collect many past 19 if none are counted, also pvp rewards aren't really what I was expecting...
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  4. Good thing I didn’t try for the xc lb
  5. Thank you for the 40 DNs ATA. I am enjoying the PVP part of this hunt I just believe that it can be better explained on what will count and what won’t in the future
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  6. Here to say you so much for the DN help! It is sooo appreciated. 💞

    I'm enjoying the PvP more than I had expected, and glad there's PvP involved in this hunt (and hoping for more in the future pls 🤧 it's fun!)
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  7. Fuck i collect 35 boxes nd evrything useless.... Bad ata im not setisfide with this pvp + pvp gifts item bAd i dont like it.
  8. 80+ boxes and still no avi this is ridiculous, it’s almost as bad as the occultists boxes which I opened 120+ of and still have yet to get the avi from that.
  9. I've opened over 200 boxes and got everything in the box except the two things I actually wanted lol
  10. Does anyone know how to find people with vials?? Everyone I'm seeking has a really small amount 😐
  11. Stalk cc/invite club member lists.
  12. Been doing that.. most I've seen usually have below 150 and I wont get much if I hit.

    I've stalked meet people to the point where I'm seeing the same person every 3 or 4 refresh.
  13. How do we play?
  14. Yeah it is🙄🤧😂
  15. How do you know who has the spotlight to steal it?
  16. If you go to the XC icon and select the event “Steal the Spotlight” you should be able to swipe to see the Leaderboard. The #1 player has the Spotlight.
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  17. Tysm
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  18. how can I drop my cursed selfies?
  19. I just wanted to say this pvp Hunt is the most fun I ever had on pimd in a while and the most active I have been all year. Please do this AT LEAST once a month.
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  20. Are our extra selfies gonna be turning back into ecs after this hunt?