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  1. I have more than 200 vials but people hitting me are not getting any, I've been hit by a few but I'm not dropping anyone knows why is that?
  2. Make sure that players who hit you are around the same stats as you. Players with a huge stat difference from you will get successful hits but won't be able to get vials.
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  3. 🙊I can’t believe the stat part of that because I’ve had stronger people hit me with an rs stronger than mine and they have stole vials from me.
  4. Yeah that part is obviously false. Lolol I've had people 15mcs+ higher than my stats take 30+ a hit.
  5. Well then maybe its not entirely true nor false. Most people just based this info on their PvP experience. I've had people with close to my stats hit me and steal around 30 vials, and people who are 50mcs larger than me steal around 5. I don't think 15mcs higher is that big of a difference. Maybe I'm wrong, but who knows :oops:
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  6. 15+ not that 15 was the max difference. Lol 15-80 MCS higher.
  7. Wow zombie 🧟‍♂️ hunt oxm ..
  8. the more vials you have
    the more vials get taken per hit

    less vials, less get taken from you
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  9. So um, now that the pvp lb is out, do we need to start collecting again? Like past cases doesn't count? 🤧
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  10. They don’t
  11. Where do you see the pvp leaderboard?
  12. Ridiculous that the first 19 we collect aren’t counted. I mean we needed 19 to get in the LB so we’d all be on the same level. Wtf.
  13. It is an XC.
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  14. Will vials still combine into cases for those not in lb?
  15. So uh why don’t past cases count cause uh when you got to 19 or whatever it said it would unlock the leaderboard..
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  16. One of mine just did
  17. Well that's just great. First time I actually decided to participate in a leaderboard and now its wasted :( Who wants to be sad with me
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  18. ATA please fix the xc so that the past cases we earned count.

    Players have put lots of effort into collecting the cases and now you've decided to laugh at our faces by bit counting any. Not to mention the rewards are miniscule
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