EVENT 😱🧠Here Today, Zomb Tomorrow🧟🧟‍♀️

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  1. Its not, actually. You can choose to collect vials for now since its gonna end in a few days. Lose vials story will still end in less than 2 weeks.
  2. git spook’d
  3. I’m at 2.4mcs, am I high enough to hit the samara party?
  4. I think the minimum that can hit without fails is 8mcs. At least that's what most invite clubs are accepting
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  5. S
    samw happened to me twice the I bought two more and the old ones showed after I dropped the newly purchased ones.
  6. Where do we get the zombie hands 999?
  7. how come everytime i hit someone, i never get vials? and they usually have 100+ vials so i’m just confused
  8. Make sure their stats are near yours.
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  9. Its available in this hunt's boxes and in the furniture store :)
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  10. I'm using a strength build already. I was just pointing out that intelligence builds are at a huge disadvantage.

    The only way they can steal vials is by dancing. Dance uses way more energy than fighting and the best part about dancing (the money imo) has been nerfed.

    And from what I've noticed, intelligence builds don't steal more.

    Butt they should since they lose more energy and aren't making more money
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  11. This actually depends on your strength/intelligence.

    For the 4th of July invites, I was at 15mcs, pure strength build. I failed most hits on the 2nd and 3rd bar (intelligence bar) and I didn't fail any hits on the 4th and 5th (strength bar).

    A friend was pure intelligence at 13mcs and didn't fail any hits on the intelligence bar but failed hits on strength bar.
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  12. thank you Sansa but I only see the tool wall, the hands that I see are window for the right hand side of the dorm. I mean the only that looks like the Walking Dead scene with the doors chained shut and hands pushing through.
  13. I just checked the store and the hunt box and the 999 with the hands isn’t in either. So I’ll ask again where do we get the 999 with the hands?
  14. Oh then my guess is that it would be a reward from the main story leaderboard...
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  15. Yes thank you, I haven't considered those with pure strength/intelligence builds.
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  16. 👍🏻
  17. Enough with the PvP.... Where is the spoiler for main drops????
  18. I keep coming back to this thread for answers on the pvp for this hunt but all I’m getting are more questions 😭 also when is the leaderboard coming out???
  19. I SOOO want the 28 days waiter!! She's so cute!!
  20. True thats usul done by now