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    Alexa and the squad need your help!

    Stop zombie hordes and the evil corporation behind it all in this terror-ific event!

    Screamworthy Stories

    Here's a quick overview on Stories to expect for this event:

    1. The Main Story

    2. PvP Story to collect Cases and Vials (from August 11th to August 18th)
    IMPORTANT: THIS STORY WILL END ON THE 18th! 😱 You will have to complete this story to join the PvP XC Leaderboard mentioned below!

    3. PvP Story to lose Zombie Cure Vials. Yep, getting farmed can earn you rewards!

    4. Regular Side Stories

    All this means is that there are so many more chances to win scary-good stat items, avis and other rewards!

    PvP Stories!

    Throughout this event, you will be able to earn awesome rewards by engaging other players in PvP by stealing their Zombie Cure Vials!

    Why bother finding a cure? Not only are there rewards for each progressive tier of the PvP stories, there is also separate PvP XC Leaderboard for this, and you can earn EXCLUSIVE avatars for it ;)

    So how do I collect Cases of Zombie Cures?
    The only way to get Cases of Zombie Cures is by collecting enough Zombie Cure Vials.


    Collect 400 Zombie Cure Vials = 1 Case of Zombie Cures

    Okay well, where do I get Zombie Cure Vials?
    A small number of them will be dropping from parties but here's the fun part – the best way to get them is by stealing them from other players!

    IMPORTANT: For the entire duration of the event, you will NOT lose Cash or Strength/Intelligence when you get hit by another Player. You will ONLY lose Zombie Cure Vials, if you have any. As an attacker, you will be able to steal Zombie Cure Vials, and make half the amount of Cash you normally would. You still lose Strength/Intelligence as usual. All other PVP mechanics remain the same.

    TLDR to get on the PvP XC LB, hit players, steal their Vials, combine Vials into Case of Zombie Cures = SURVIVAL SUCCESS


    One Event: Two Leaderboards

    Regular Event Leaderboard

    The LB y'all are used to dominating. Earning a spot on this LB will require the usual! Collect the event's main item:


    An Employee ID Card

    As a refresher, these drop from Premium Parties and Parties of the Day. They will also be dropping from Event Boxes (Regular and Lite)!

    PvP XC (Zombie Cure) Leaderboard

    Here's where things get interesting.

    You will need to complete the first side story (Aug 11th-18th) to take part in this PvP XC Leaderboard challenge! Between August 18th to 25th you will have the opportunity to earn exclusive avatars (among other things) by placing in top spots on the PvP XC Leaderboard!

    Your place on PvP XC Leaderboard will be based on the amount of Case of Zombie Cures you have by the end of the event.

    Case of Zombie Cures



    Pet Styles


    These are available for purchase at varying prices until the end of the event on August 25th at noon Pacific Time.



    A Zompocalypse bunker to un-die for!


    All available through the event boxes, Summer Furniture Box and the Furniture Store!

    👻 Event Parties 👻


    What's a zombie apocalypse without a little spoopy?

    Get lost in The Disappearancing Limited Edition Party Series from noon PT on August 11th until noon PT August 25th!

    With the increasing difficulty in party tiers, it is very possible that you won't succeed at a harder party.

    What's going down:
    - There are 5 Event Premium Parties for this event.
    - These will be gone at the end of the event.
    - Each Party will cost a certain number of Cursed Selfies to start.
    - Each Cursed Selfie will cost 5 ECs and will be available at the Store. These Selfies are also a super rare drop from the Event Boxes too ;)
    - Yes, each Party must be unlocked by completing the Party preceding it.
    - These Parties are particularly good at dropping Side Story items.
    - The more challenging the Party, the more wicked the prizes.

    5 ECs for 1 Cursed Selfie

    Discord EXCLUSIVE Costume Contest

    Want another way to get your claws on rewards?

    How about a Discord Exclusive Costume Contest where you live your best undeath?! Show us what you got by posting a zombie-chic selfie to win! Go to PIMDiscord's #contest channel NOW for full contest details:

    Join our Discord - we don't bite! 🌚
    👉discord.gg/PIMD 👈

    u doing your best zompression on Discord to WIN <3

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