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  1. Where can you see the VIP version of the purple hair witch?
  2. That awkward moment when I get rewarded 3 haunted dolls from 8,808 hours ago...
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  3. I really appreciate this Hunt
    Even though it doesn't suit my taste, but the last hunt is so beautiful I really like it💕💕
    Thanks to the creator🥰🥰🥰🥰
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  4. Usually you have to find out once you get to that point in the side story, or someone will post what it looks like somewhere if they get to it early.
  5. I can see where your frustrations come from, personally what I love about Halloween is the gorey, bloody, scary elements like you mentioned, but also to be fair there are other elements of Halloween and I think it’s good to try all different types. :^) just my opinion though.
  6. Exactly, what’s not to love?!🥰
  7. This new hunt is pretty good but the last one was amazing i loved it😍😘
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  8. I already know the answer because I've been stalking clubs, but are invite parties not giving drops for anyone else?
  9. What's happening with drops ata
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  10. Congrats to SpookyBaddie for being the first to notice (based on your wall post) the Ouija Board section changes! You just won a PIMDCrate! Keep an eye on it fam... 👀

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  11. Any clubs doing the expert party? I can pay/pitch in for drops. I just wanna do one. 🥺👉👈 Wall me ty
  12. I don't like these.... Nope
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  13. Why in the hell was the Downey the Seagulls’ neck upside down like that?[​IMG]
  14. Please say sike 😔
  15. What shards do I need to get the witch or bewitching brewer?
  16. There are no shards this hunt. Bewitching Brewer can be obtained from opening hunt boxes, while the witch is going to be from the third and fourth side stories, which should be released a bit later.
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  17. Bruh, why did they change how we recieve main event avatars? I know they did this a while ago now but I've been really busy. They seem to change the points tiers pretty often too for when you do get the Avi boxes (vip Avi box is at 16000 this event but wasn't this high for others) This is fine just weird but what's annoying is, youre not even able to recieve both f+m avis for players to choose between, per avi box. Tbh, not being able to obtain even these avis has made me way less active than I used to be. I don't mean no hate or anything just genuinely asking why they changed this 🤔
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  18. In response to the bold, the avi boxes have been at 8k and 16k ever since they were introduced. As to why, though, ATA said something about their playerbase growing stat-wise and needing an extra bit of challenge or something.

    Now I'm waiting for them to do it again in 2 years or so 😂
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