EVENT 😈👻Summon Like You🎃🕯️

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  1. This might make me come out of inactivity lol
  2. 👀 that’s a bad girl.
  3. was hoping for a more gore halloween considering last hunt was more pastel goth-ish, disappointed at the avis since they look weird but i like the items surrounding them (i wish they would show completely on the profile and not have most of it cut out). im not mad at the witch hunt but i wish it had better drawn avis.

    also; invites.... again? jesus christ
  4. Ok, for me its the worst halloween hunt so far, i mean we used to have ghost avis dont we?? Plus something interesting to do like last hunt halloween pvp dolls??.. But now there is nothing :l sound like a normal hunt!? For real Ata
  5. Those same “dumbass children” make the game you’re playing bud. 🙂
  6. She’s going to be the side story avatar most likely. You will need to finish the 3rd side story to get the non-vip version as always.
  7. IM HAPPY 🖤🎃🖤🎃🖤🎃
  8. Now I’m excited to see who the leaderboard or side story avi is gonna be, maybe the witch will be leaderboard this time? 🤔
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  9. Living for this hunts furni. 😍
  10. Maybe I'm just getting my hopes up, but the last part of the post made it sound like this isn't everything yet.
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  11. Would’ve liked more than just a floating book with the main fem avi, the others are good tho
  12. wtf is with the avi design 🧐🤢
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  13. That hell hound German Shepard tho🔥
  14. I was thinking there was going to be shard avis later?
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  15. Same, especially since there’s no in-store shard avatars at the moment.
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  16. Try restart your app
  17. This would be the perfect event for shard boxes 😉 some strong, hot and scary avas
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  18. Glad we don't have one atm though, cause if we do then I'd probably be buying shard avis I'd never use 😂😂
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