LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🗻Back to the Stone Age🤘

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  1. My problem is that i have no idea what rock from the shop you mean. I have no Rock. Only the one with the pet
  2. So go to molly shop and it will be there
  3. That's because you already have the stone in your showcase.
  5. I have two rocks in my showcase and it says I can only have 2 and then nothing. Every rock crumbles and no new rock in Molly's.
  6. Means you did the pattern wrong and have to start all the way over
  7. Mine too. I've just had rocks turn to dust
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  8. Was the stone gifted before or after u got to pass molly cover
  9. It gifts that that turn to dust
  10. Once u get ur second rock u need to trade with some one on same step
  11. Under molly cover
  12. @Louve_
  13. How do I find Sirena grit for my mineral pal?
  14. Sienna grit*
  15. Levelling up your mineral pet drops supply boxes that drop sienna
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  16. It was gifted after
  17. Under misc in shop
  18. There 2 of the grits in shop and other come from lvl up ur pet Rock
  19. Can any one tell me how to start over? I’m stuck and can’t get a straight answer on how to restart. All my rocks turn into dust.
  20. I messed up and now I have three ornamental stones which cannot be traded. Pls someone help me