LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🖤Oh my Goth, it’s January (already?)🖤

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  1. Avis and 999 could’ve been better. Looks like you copy/pasted the Hearth and Black Magic 999s together.
  2. I’ll thumb wrestle everyone in here for their floral skull items 🥸👍🏼
  3. 8/10
    I really like this.
  4. More Nu-Goth but I can’t complain :0 ill take any alt avis/furni 🖤✨
  5. Listen here Will (yes I’m blaming you😜) my wallet says no but my heart says yes 😭
  6. AH!! So cute 😍
  7. I need the girl in beanie avi asap! 🖤 Love this😍 the 62 coins avi is thick and serving looks😩😩
  8. Am I the only one having trouble getting into the web store?
  9. I just tried to log in and check, I am also having issues. Maybe trouble shoot it a little and if issues persist then send in a help ticket?
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  10. Looking to get eventually that bed and mirror
    Spinner items live it too 😛
  11. I'm having the same issues 😭🥲
  12. I really likes the male avatars they all look amazing. My favorite for the female is definitely the 62 coin one but I'll pass because I'm not spending over $40 for 1 avatar 😆 I have another game I play where I'm able to fully customized my avatar for $5 I'm really getting sick and tired of these pricey copy & paste looks. Make them more affordable! Also the dorm looks nice but going to pass on it not my style.
  13. Love these🖤
  14. Should be back up now ☺️
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  15. This is nicccceeeeeee🖤✨
  16. Love all of this!!!
  17. 🖤🖤🖤 but really Ata, please listen to your members. If you're gonna have 4 female, have 4 male. Or 3 m/f and some non binary. 🖤
  18. The dorm is nice, tbh.

    But here they bring 2022 problems to 2023. No 3rd male avi for Tier 2. 🗑️
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  19. i loooveee these!!
  20. If only midwinter gothic female avatar was actually made into the 3rd male avatar which there should be. These are nice but I can’t be satisfied with the monthly gender inequality that’s been going on for quite a while now.

    #StopExcludingMen 🗿