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  1. Positivity During Quarantine Days
    During these days, when social distancing is necessary for the well being of us as well as everyone around the world, people are really having negative thoughts, anxieties and loneliness.
    So I thought about a new thread to promote positivity around this Pimd family. I suggest everyone to write about all the activities like
    • Watching which movies?
    • Song recommendations
    • Art ideas, poetry
    Or how they are spending time with their loved ones and their cute pets to spread positivity around us and make a happy place for everyone.
    It may show us some hidden talents of our friends

    Take care, stay hydrated and wash your hands everyone.

    Thank you so much~💕
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  2. No support
  3. I have been bored, so I've been buying a bunch of guitars.
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  4. I only have my air guitar 🌚 or rather, I had, before I forgot where I left it🥺
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  5. I was gonna rent Parasite but then i was told it was slow. I thought it looked good.
    If yall have seen it lemme know if i should spend the 5 bucks to rent it
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  6. I'm staying hydrated- with lots of wine.
    Sometimes I start thinking- and then I pour another glass.
    I'm not even exaggerating this time 🌚 the boss has been handing wine out like candy, and I am not complaining.
  7. 🥺Noice sing me songs sometimes🌝ty
  8. 🙊💕oml
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  9. Currently reading:

    Winner Takes All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World by Andy Giridharadas

    Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
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  10. I've heard a lot of people say its good, but haven't really watched it myself. I plan to, tho
  11. Yes, you should. It's amazing. Watch it w your bf in the dark w snacks and no distractions tho. I watched in theaters and loved it then rewatched w friends and they ruined it by talking the whole time and looking at their phones when it could've been great.
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  12. Mmm. I still have homework and online classes. I bought a ukulele for like $50 before I left colombia and have just started teaching myself. Is easy and everyone should buy one. Am also watching films. Other than foreign film recommendations, I watched dirty dancing yesterday which was really good. Am also taking singing lessons w 30daysinger which is an online thing...and I'm finishing all of Jane Austen's novels since I've only read Pride and Prejudice. Starting w Northanger Abbey.
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  13. I’ve been working on a project & removing songs from my SoundCloud likes while rediscovering some good songs.
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  14. To be fair the review came from someone who i wouldn't necessarily take their opinion on movies into consideration so i should still check it out.

    I'm guessing it's not really slow and more suspense building and character development
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  15. No Hun, the movie is Amazing with deep message 🙂💕
  16. What’s the message
  17. I find this offensive. 🌚
  18. You’re offensive
  19. Thanks?
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