STORY PASS πŸ’’πŸ””Wedding Party!πŸ””πŸ’’

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  1. lol I accidentally said no at the end of the cash pass when it asked if I wanted to continue or not πŸ‘€ If I get the VIP pass now would it still activate or no?
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  2. Yep will still work
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  3. Is there cat rewards and dns like the venecian mask before?
  4. yep
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  5. Someone traded the vip pass with me while I was doing cash pass now it won’t activate?
  6. thank you! ❣️
  7. I had to restart my app to get the new stories.
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  9. Is this easier to complete than the last one?
  10. Check out the Stories Tiers and Rewards thread where you can take a look at the tasks so far and see if that'd be easier for you.
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  11. From what I understand, this story pass is about two women getting married. And you also get to choose who you're getting to work with, so you could also choose the one you're more comfortable with/the one you're more into. As someone else mentioned on this thread, some of the birthstone avis look androgynous too.

    And I know Kiran is not an avi, but it's canon that they're not identifying as a guy or girl (if you look at the calendar drops from the new year's hunt, you'll see the calendar says "As a new beginning approaches, Kiran looks back on their highs and lows of the year.".. While the drops for Cordelia and JD state she and he respectively.

    Also, if you've been reading the storylines, you'd have seen Tess had a crush on Cordelia (and even some comical, questionably lovey-dovey banter, as they're trying to outdo whoever is more posh and knowledgeable about expensive stuff). And Cordelia seemed to reciprocate the feelings to some extent, while kinda dissing JD. That kinda got thrown out of the window when they chose to couple Codelia with Marco instead, after not building up any progress on screen. I'm more devastated by that!!!

    But all in all, I find that to be nice LGBT content.

    And YES, corporations know we exist to generate money for them during June because it's pride month and it seems cool. And then they forget we exist until it's June again. But ATA has been providing both characters, avis and stories that we could identify with to some extent, and put them into normal life scenarios for us. We just have to pay more attention to the content πŸ˜‰
  12. I traded a story pass to someone and they said nothing happened... idk what to tell her. Whats supposed to happen?
  13. Are they by chance still working on the cash pass portion?
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  14. They have to first finish the cash story and then restart PIMD
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  15. If anyone has gotten the pass, I wanted to ask if it was worth it because if it requires dropping cats or something I can’t do that so I just wanted to know your opinion on if I should buy it
  16. The link that Muschi has left can tell you what task you’ll need to do. Maybe it can help you make a decision before buying it
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  17. I have a question. When I started the story with a basic pass first I chose that I want to get gem avi and then the second choice showed me two options:
    1) boy (masculine romantic partner)
    2) girl (feminine romantic partner)
    Which one i have to choose to get a story for feminine avatar?? Cause I'm confused πŸ˜•
  18. The first question is what avatar you get. If you chose Jacket (feminine avatar) then you are good. The romantic partner is just choosing what gender person is going to be providing the storyline. I.e. do you want your feminine avatar to have a male or female love interest?
  19. Ohh ok. Thanks for clearing that up πŸ˜‰
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  20. You're welcome!