EVENT 👽🛸They Came From Far Out🛸👽

Discussion in 'Events' started by ATA-Will, Jan 5, 2023.

  1. The dorm furniture is really cool. The avis? Other than the one with the antennas, they aren't cute.🤧
  2. Well what can I say 🥲 terrible just terrible hunt also why the glitch on vip boxes giving ruby earrings every box opened
    What will we get in compensation ? Nothing I expect
  3. same though. 😂
  4. Something for everybody I suppose. It’s cool just not my thing.
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  5. How can I get in on designing these Avis/furni bc whoever’s doing it needs to be fired
  7. 16 for 2500 again? Disappointing and a hard pass.
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  8. Not a fan unfortunately. Lots of other things to base off these alien avis from. I just hope ATA will not disappoint next hunt.
  9. space themed hunt again? why ATA make it yearly and a must-added hunt?🤔 i need new theme.. i like the furni though, feels futuristic.
  10. Who is coming up with this junk… at this point 😑
  11. Love it!!🤠🫶🏼
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  12. which is why it should be something additional, shouldn’t be hard because the hunts and avis have been created already. of course i don’t mean to replace new hunts lol
  13. right like how cool would an alien abduction 999 be 😔 instead they just recycled an old 999 and made it a tiny bit fancier
  14. Y’all not liking it just means I can buy it all cheaper. Huge fan of the furniture this hunt. I love Googi/Jetsons/atomic age stuff though. I’m obsessed and will be completing this dorm asap. Sell me yr hunt 999 whoever gets it
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  15. I never know how we’re supposed to obtain the middle Avis?
  16. Ugh! Not another space hunt 🙄