EVENT 👽🛸They Came From Far Out🛸👽

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  1. You guys always find a way to make hunts uglier and uglier. My god.
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  2. I wish y’all would put more effort into the Avis. These are ugly and please start making new hunts instead of reusing the same ones with worse Avis
  3. Love the furni!
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  4. Not in a 3 million lightyears… just no.
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  5. Okay, not that bad.

    But. . . Lunar New Year :(
  6. Ugly as hellllll. It's really time for a new artist.
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  7. What is that 499 supposed to be #recycle
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  8. This is actually cute, idk about the avis tho
  9. Love the Avis but not the dorm
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  10. Surprisingly i like a lot of it. Doesn't happen often
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  11. Should've made them more 👽 not human
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  12. Y’all really just said F it 💀
  13. I like the male avis
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  14. They had a mass effect theme last year.
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  15. This hunt looks so half assed😑
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  16. I like the idea of an alien hunt but why not make the furniture more... alien? I feel like we just had a cyber/futuristic themed hunt.
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  17. LITERALLY like I haven’t participated in 2 months 😂
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  18. I respect your attempts, ATA. However, i cant help feel that the quality has been questionable for a few hunts in a row now. Not counting the special avis collection like marbles because they are always exciting. I had my fingers crossed for the Chinese new year. Something a bit asian maybe?:( or..wintery?.. Fingers crossed for the next one I guess...
  19. It seems this game has taken a weird turn... and not in a good direction
  20. Bringing back the exact things is also pointless. Coz those that were here for it get nothing from it
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