👽🌙Neon Dorm Raffle🌙👽 🦄✨Full Dorm✨🦄

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  1. 👽🌙Neon Dorm Raffle🌙👽
    🦄✨Full Dorm✨🦄
    👾⚡See Wall For info⚡👾
    1 Chibi = 2 entries
    3 Chibi = 5 entries
    5 chibis = 7 entries
    7 chibis = 10 entries
    10 chibis = 15
    1 bento = 250
    125kcs = 1 entries
    250 kcs = 3enties
    1mcs = 30 entires
    3 mcs = 150 entries
    5 mcs = 250 entries

    Max entries is 1800 per person
    must add me , ill make a gc .

    Ill be doing a live drawing more info will be in the gc so pay attention!!!!

    Raffle Ends May 31st 2020 12am pst
    Drawing June 1st 2020 @ 12pm pst
  2. 1800 entries is equal to 900 chibis 😳 That’s like 22 🍱 a person.
  3. Im.not really good at this pricing things so if you have an idea let me know im willing correct anything
  4. Shoukd i change max entries ?
  5. I think it’d be better to limit the entries more. If not, you hav the potential to profit way too much.
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  6. Okay ill change the amount to 800 ^_^
  8. How don
    i enter
  9. 👋🏽 come enter the raffle ^_^ full form
  10. 1 bento is 250 but 2.5mcs would be 75 :/
  11. Whats the actual cost of the dorm tho?
  12. The misc entries should be higher hun ❤️ 3mcs mixed is worth a bento therefore it should be 250 if a bento is 250 in your raffle. 5mcs is normally worth 4🍱 so it definitely should be much higher than 250 entries. Please make your entries fair love ❤️❤️ this is coming from one raffles to another. I do raffles as well and my ratios are always even or at least close and most other raffles are the same way
  13. Raffler* 🤦🏻‍♀️ smh autocorrect
  14. The dorm is worth probably around 25🍱 I think. No more than 30 since nothing is leveled and I don’t think that neon wave is that wanted or rare
  15. I went off how much ppl pay for an mcs item this is like my second raffle ever and im still learning
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  16. Well im.not.good at the whole prici g thing so i just went off how ppl would buy an item . But i can change it but i have to find a mod