LIMITED-TIME CONTENT πŸ‘€ Sheer Showoffs! πŸ‘€

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
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  2. Ohhhh I LOVE
  3. The avatars The furniture 100. The way to obtain them is bs. Stop locking your best stuff behind a paywall especially in a game like this. At least make a way for the people that don't spend too obtain them. Oh wait those players don't matter 🀣🀣🀣
  4. πŸ‘€ U gonna go get them???
  5. Perhaps the shard ones, when the prices drop.
  6. I like the avi and the dorm, it is a bit similar to porcelain (light, white theme) but the avis is much better! I would like the vip to be updated more often than every 6 months tho πŸ₯Ί
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  7. What's the furniture set called?
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  8. Stark and bright
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  9. Which avi is the one to get by the shard the female avi?
  10. The post says it underneath the image of the shards.
    White snowflakes are for the fem avis, Black for the masc avis. ❄️
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  11. I love the furniture setπŸ₯°its giving elegant as for the avis i LOVE how its giving me cruella πŸ’œπŸ₯΅ only because of the half/half hair colors
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  12. Them furnis 🀩
  13. All this junk look like junk from past hunts… the white does look good tho.
  14. Alr thank youu
  15. Finally something tasteful An beautiful!! More hunts like this!! Love it!!!
  17. I want the top left VIP form avi how do I get that 😩
  18. Both versions are available in the champagne box
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