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  1. Even in vip set now to? 5 females 3 males. All you are doing is pushing people away from the game
  2. Wonder what the Avi for the cat look like
  3. I'm so wild🐆
  4. There’s 4 of each from what I can see on the image
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  5. Well then 1 looks like a girl coz i only see 3 guys
  6. Top row: 2 & 4 are guys
    Bottom row: 2 & 4 are guys
    If you look their shorts are see through you can see they have a male body
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  7. The leopard Avi with the two toned hair, I was like where have I seen that dress before? Then I realized it's used on *Episode* 😂 quite often. But anyway I love that Avi
  8. Not too crazy for these
  9. Seriously they do you just need to look😂
  10. Which leopard gives the male avi and which one gives the female one??
  11. Grey is male and orange is female
  12. Hello
  13. Thank's
  14. How to get the black girl avi with the leopard
  15. You'll need to purchase the VIP subscription with IRL money for a chance to win it in the champaign box
  16. Sorry 💀 for some reason I was thinking of the avi with the serval I thnk.
    The Panther Avi (F avi with two toned hair) comes from the combination items the champaign box drops. These can be traded, the orange leopard combines into the F avi
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