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  1. It’s not bad but not great…
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  2. Hey Folks,
    The copy was mixed up right at launch on the new combo items. If you were trading for specific combo items right at launch, and ran into trouble there, please write in a help ticket and we'll help out where we can :)
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  3. Seriously though. I get the feeling you deliberately make the male Avis ultra cringe. Sorry, but these male Avis be looking like Jersey Shore failures who got a coupon for a Glamour Shots photo session as a consolation prize.
  4. I love bottom right!
  5. I need this room in my life, being a zebra this was made for me🥰

    Which is which tho? Snow and Orange?
  6. Does this mean the avi combining to the wrong one is fixed or not yet?
  7. Is grey fem or masc? I heard there was a mix up 🥹
  8. is there any word on when they’ll fix? I’ve had a ticket in and no resolution yet.
  9. same unfortunately 🥲
  10. Snow leopard final forn item description says it will transform into a feminine avi, but many of us had it combine into the M avi and are waiting for it to be fixed
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  11. I see now orange leopard has the feminine avi item description, so I guess they're working in the fix
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  12. have you had any luck on an update for when we can expect it to be fixed?
  13. ATA has not yet responded to my help ticket, I know a number of us are waiting to get the avis rectified from the original misshap.

    I assume changing the item description was easier than coding the avis to award based on the original item descriptions, so they should award correctly now, but don't take my word for it 😗 Rn we're all waiting to hear from ATA
  14. I just receive generic updates on my ticket. But no actual word on when. I already got the wrong avi quickly after launch and now await them to correct this error.
  15. I love you so so much and I hope you have a wonderful day.
  16. I want the guy but I wasn’t here for that
  17. Hi everyone,

    So the copy text should now be updated in-game!

    To clarify:
    Collecting snow leopards should lead you to the masc avatar while collecting orange leopards will eventually lead to the fem avatar.

    Keep the above in mind when you are collecting your leopards! :)
  18. 😂why do they look like just plain clays, where’s the spots on them?
  19. Cats*
  20. You look good