LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🏍️Kick Asphalt in August

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Queens, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. It's been fixed
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  2. Love the furniture😍
  3. Selling month spinner ITEMS 1:1c have 26 wmid or ads
  4. Add*
  5. Avatars look great... but why can't you just put them all to timer box like it was before. This game is starting to be about real money only... If it goes like this I will quit.😒 I like this game, but why should I spent my money for some avatar, especially when they are so expensive.
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  6. It's a Tattoo Machine, not a gun, just saying
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  7. my timer boxes are broken 😔
  8. ffs, ATA. It's a tattoo machine (and sometimes called a tattoo iron) but never a gun

    Stop that.
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  9. Such cute avatars, i wish they were all in the box.
  10. i got 2 in the first 2 spins
  11. I keep trying to manifest the 500 ec august avi but no luck. im sad. :(
  12. Exchanging August drops.. wall me:p
  13. B U Y I N G:
    •August Furni (the motorcycle theme)

    Wall me plz
  14. mine too, they aren’t giving me the avatar. 🌚
  15. Why is the august spinner items not showing on my showcase?😅
  16. Um is anyone’s app still crashing when you go to shop? Also the august box is still showing up empty
  17. Reinstalling the app should fix these issues.
  18. I’ve opened a lot of boxes and still no avi🙃 lovely
  19. Anybody selling motorcycle hunt furnis? Wm if selling
  20. Loads of people. Go look on the actul right thread
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