LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🏍️Kick Asphalt in August

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  1. Right???
  2. Also update your app as well
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  3. Those girl avis are gonna have some nasty burns on their legs
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  4. While all of the avis look well done, the ones in Molly's corner does not scream "This is worth the money." Now if those avis had an animation, different poses, or something unique, then I can see why it is behind a paywall. Don't know why you guys can't put all of the avis in the timer boxes, and do something unique for the avis for the players who want to buy them instead.
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  5. Super frustrated:(...Reinstalled app twice and still never got my August Timer Box that I received from spinner. I updated and Uninstalled. Anyone know what to do now? Where do I go to do a support ticket as well?
  6. Thank you! It worked
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  7. To get a support ticket, click on the setting button on the left right hand corner and then press the button that says help and then you type your problem you’re having
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  8. Click the icon in the upper left hand corner of the main menu. Then select help. From there you should be able to send in a help ticket. Be sure to mention that you’ve tried re-installing!
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  9. Do you know an email or a person I can contact if I was interested in asking if there was anyway I could help design Avis and future hunts? Because I’m an artist and it would be a dream come true if I could work with the developers in creating and designing future hunt avis and items. Thank you and sorry for asking a lot of questions😂
  10. Didn’t it use to be 500ec, now it’s 600ec? 🤔
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  11. Uninstalled the app then reinstalled.
  12. So on here it says the avatars are on sale for 600 ec but I’m the store it says 500...mistype? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. You can also do this through the help button! It's your ticket (*ba dum tsss*) to all contact with the development team. All issues, questions, feedback, suggestions, etc.
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  14. Is "Kick Some Asphalt" avi only obtainable through purchasing with real money (via Molly's corner)? Can I purchase it for 200ec? Because it says the price of the avi...
  15. The EC value just gives players an idea of how rare it is. The Molly’s corner avis can only be purchased with real world currency.
  16. Timer box says three items inside but I end up getting only ONE spinner item in box
  17. Never mind. It's "up to three" my bad
    Regardless pls put avatars back in spinner box
  18. Thank you.
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