LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🏍️Kick Asphalt in August

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Queens, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Can open timer box 📦 even if I can’t see items? Will I still get something lol or do I just wait until items appear
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  2. ATA, you're killing me. First the Merfolk and now this.

    I got bills to pay! Why you gonna go an make me cry in broke??? 😭
  3. This would have been a wonderful hunt!!! With the avis and furniture but it had to be month🥺🥺
  4. Ah yes let's make them ✨ buy ✨ the avatars instead because we're running out of money 🥰
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  5. Are the avis 600 ec or 500 ec😂 Confused by thread price and actual store price @[ATA]Queens
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  6. My game is crashing everytime I click now 😂 I love it so much
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  7. i cant open my august timer box and my august spinners dont show up in my showcase 🥺
  8. it just says “unknown-reopen game” 😡
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  9. Same. Crashing app when I try to go to shop
  10. I had to redownload for the spinner items to show up for me in my showcase.
  11. It’ll be interesting to see who buys this considering a lot of people are losing their benefits.
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  12. I got 6 august timer boxes...and they're all empty inside. Is this happening to anyone else?
  13. So my shop won’t open just crashes
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  14. I spun and got a shy snake but It is not showing in my showcase. So did it just glitch and not give me the shy snake?! 😭
  15. Hey Devs! Thank You for fixing the monthly tmer boxes 📦 Now I can see the items 🙂
  16. I like it 💞 but ugh. Molly's cornerrrr.
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  17. Still not working. Items still not showing. Still crashing app when I go to the shop
  18. Uninstall and then download again! That should fix the issues :)
  19. I am very frustrated because I spun the spinner and landed on Shy snake and I did not receive it. Then I spun again and landed on an August2020 timer box and I did not receive that either. It’s frustrating because I really wanted those items and I wasted my spinner coins only to get nothing. I have been wanting an August timer box for so long now and then when I finally land on it, I don’t get it. Please fix this because it really sucks that I am not receiving any of the items that I land on
  20. Make sure that you reinstall the app first! If you’re still missing items I’d send in a support ticket.
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