LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🏍️Kick Asphalt in August

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  1. Kick some serious asphalt this August with new avatars, furniture and spinner items!




    The first two sets of avatars can be purchased by cruising over to Molly's Corner!


    The next two avis will be available through the August Timer Box & available to purchase for 600EC!




    August Spinner Items are here until noon PST on September 1st, 2020!

    Shy Snake

    Miniature Gold Chain

    Li'l Leather Jacket

    Tiny Tattoo Gun

    Collect 5 of each to have them automatically combine into...

    Snake McQueen

    Available through the Prize Spinner and August Timer Boxes until September 1st, 2020 at noon PST!


    Available through the Furniture Store and the Summer 2020 Furniture Box!

    Timer Box


    August Timer Box be dropping the following:
    ☞ August Spinner Items
    ☞ Captain of the Club Avatar
    ☞ Leader of the Pack Avatar
    The content inside this Timer Box will be available until noon PST on September 1st 2020, as is tradition.

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  2. molly's corner gonna make me cry for the rest of my life
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  3. I love the avis????? And the furniture is so rustic and nice 😍
  4. ohhh awesome avis
  5. Annnd happy bday month to me loveee the avis
  6. Spinner items aren't in the spinner
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  7. I can't see items on spinner
  8. I feel like I'm stuck on repeat.
    All 6 avis should still be in the monthly box because even then, they were still able to be purchased if people wanted to buy them.
    But of course, this is gonna be a thing still cause people keep freaking buying Molly's Corner avis🙃
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  9. Items not on the spinner yet. Cmon. My fingers are readyyy
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  10. Looks like imma skip another month :( nice work on thw
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  11. Umm you do a post but not have them on the spinner or shop 😳
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  12. Nice work on the furni tho*
  13. Also, even though I kinda like the 50/50 female avi, I'm not spending another $25 unless you can top the guitar girl. I wear her all the time.
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  14. My app keeps crashing when I go to the shop🤦🏽‍♀️
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