LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🎷Blues March and Jazz🎷

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  1. Soooo like 1 black avi during a supposedly “Blues/Jazz” theme right after BHM too💀? yikes.
  2. “On the bottom March monthly avi’s , you were good but I’m waiting for you to be great” - Abby Lee Miller
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  3. Y’all need to fire whoever over these avi’s cause they been trash lately 🚮
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  4. Definitely feeling blue 🥲 after looking at these Avis
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  5. no its giving elective art class 😒
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  6. Those are cute 🥹🫶
  7. Confirmed. Pimd is faster becoming just a game for girls and girly gay guys. I give up on hope ata will give guys actul guy stuff not shiny barbie dolls

  8. Thats not rock thats love
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  9. Okay so.. The avatars are decent, each have a matching band concept with the floral in some way weather it's tattoos or pants / leggings / stockings.🌸 I'm not gonna sugarcoat this but wtf is happening with the Jazz It Up avatars feet? They look very... Demonic? Demon feet? I personally don't care for the style of outfits, however that doesn't mean they weren't designed well. Everything looks very well designed, minus those grippy grippers.👞
    I LOVE the furniture isn't regular bedroom stuff, it looks more like a music chamber / studio / band spot.. I love how well it was designed, it looks beautifully made. LOVE THE JUKEBOX. 🎵
    I LOVE this months ADDDDORABLE combo spinner item I think it's the cutest!🐀

    Although this months stuff looks pretty decent... I'm however a bit disappointed and frustrated, this is a reoccurring theme consistently is music themed stuff.. Where as we get once a year a Gothic or alt hunt / set of avatars.. And yes some in daily shop.. I just think there is a big lack of Gothic avatars, I barely have any, and I've been playing for 4 years🤧 I LOVED the punk hunt, I wanna see something like that again.
  10. Exactly they don’t give a fuck about us
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  11. Awe yes another month with 3f 2m avis, over a yr now wow...I remember when everybody was begging for th....oh right NOBODY ASKED for this, a lot been asking for 3/3 smh but ata is deaf to it's player base no wonder the games gone to 💩
  12. No more daily XC 😞