LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🎷Blues March and Jazz🎷

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  1. [​IMG]
    We can only hope this month will go as smooth as them tunes for you 🎶





    Tiny Violin

    Musical Mouse

    Mini Microphone

    Musician's Coat


    Collect 5 of each to have them automatically combine into...
    Jazzy Jean-Luc

    Available through the Prize Spinner and March Timer Boxes until April 1st, 2023 at noon PST!



    Available through the Furniture Store and the Spring 2023 Furniture Boxes!

    Spring 2023 Furniture Box

    Timer Box


    March Timer Boxes have a chance to drop:
    ☞ March Spinner Items
    ☞ March Avatars
    ☞ ✨Avatar Coins✨

    The content inside this Timer Box will be available until noon PST on April 1st, 2023, as is tradition.

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    Now go out there and have a very jazzy day
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  2. I'm more upset they didn't include a trumpet player. A really important part of jazz.
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  3. Wth are these avis?
  4. Horrendous
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  5. Finally 😤 the mouse is cute
  6. The room is cute, but the avis could be better
  7. Pass. Hard pass. Smh.
  8. They tried to make sure the 62 coin male avi looked manly enough🦶💀
  9. I spinner. Also Jazz was invited by African Americans yet we have one....and she's not even drawn well. You could've dome this last month tbh.
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  10. The avis are a huge meh..
    I think I like the dorm though, some intriguing pieces.
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  11. The musical "Chicago" vibe for the 62coin fem 👌🏽😌 roxie 🤩
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  12. Your avis do not coincide with the theme. i get that ATA likes to do play on words but if that’s the case, stick to the theme. Titled blues and jazz and then the avis are rock-jazz? Then I get it’s maybe because last month was BHM so they decided to not include a black avis but that seems a little tone deaf(?) as the African American community is a very big part of the musical genres’ creation. So at least two well drawn ones would’ve been bare minimum. It also feels a bit as a lazy theme when sc used jazz as last months theme (even though I’m aware it’s not the exact same ppl involved in both games etc) and executed it better imo. I like the spinner and furniture but this theme could’ve definitely been done better.
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  13. Another month, another lack of male avis. Or decent male avis for that matter.
  14. …..yikes
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  15. Love it.
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  16. 2 male options only again cause we as males don’t deserve an equal amount of options to pick from, thank you :) not; smh ata doesn’t listen to any feedback at this point is all I see.
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  17. Its not giving jazz its giving Rock 🤟
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  18. gimme’ them violins & jackets rneow! 😤🫶🏽🧿