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  1. Another copycat hunt 😑 boring
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  2. Can we have a hunt with avatars in pjs. Those avatars look so comfy and cozy. 😍
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  3. How do we get the boom box Avi???
  4. It’s likely the side story avatar.
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  5. 8k Male avi tshirt is like an ed hardy tshirt that used to be "in/cool" 10 years or even longer ago in germany lmao 😂😂😂😂
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  6. how many drops to get boombox avi and the white short-haired avi? ty
  7. Any know how to get the avi with the boombox?
  8. As answered in this thread:
    Please keep an eye on the Stories Tiers and Rewards thread.
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  9. For the vip Avis is there a second box for the one you haven’t gotten of the first set ?

  10. Yes
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  11. It's at the end of the second side story that was released today, most likely. I'm going to update the STR thread later tonight.
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  12. when will the split boxs end Jesus. THROW THEM AWAY! 😐 nobody enjoys them, how many times do players have to express this.
  13. Better than last... I was hoping u guys would have more Avis with ear plugs and keep up with the piercings 🖤 Maybe some nature elements too, like Cristals... would be so nice!
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  14. Two words that everyone hates: box avis

    You think from all the backlash they would stop trying to "test things" to take away the fun things about the game.. No one is really happy with the avis in boxes, havent seen a single soul say they like them either. 💀
  15. Can you please do a dobermann 499 WITHOUT the cropped ears? They aren’t born that way, just would be nice to see what they really look like instead of the ‘aesthetic’ version.
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  16. I finally hit 8k drops. (Yeah for some reason I’m really lagging behind on this hunt.) and of course the stupid effing avatar box gives me the male avatar which I don’t want, just like last hunt, and I’m effing sick of this. I doubt I’ll earn any more avatars before this hunt is over, so I’ll be stuck with a crappy, unsatisfying one and a bad taste in my metaphorical mouth from this game in general.

    Random avatar boxes suck, are unsatisfying, unfun, and unfair. Come on, ATA, how about cutting casuals some slack and let us earn at least -something- decent from a hunt. One set of avatars. Is that so much to ask, when you make 4 or 5 to a hunt... one set of which will only be earned by a teeny handful of big spenders?

  17. If we could pick if we wanted the male or female avi that would be great. I have more male Avis than female Avis....
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  18. concrete jungle? listen to the song empire state of mind, it’s in the lyrics. the song’s originated in NY, it’s talks about city life, reps NY. so yes, it inevitably indicates everyone living in NY/city life in NY/NJ.
  19. How to get the avi with her foot on the boom box? 😫
  20. I do manage to get the avi's on this account, but even for me its hard work at times, so my heart goes out to all the smaller players that struggle to reach the 8k drop, only to get the avi they will never use. It is very unfair and could well be the biggest thing yet that causes many to turn their backs on this game. My little alt is female and every single avi box has contained a male avi which will never get used. If that were my main, I would have now deleted PIMD. The players asking ATA over and over to remove these avi boxes obviously love this game, but by ignoring their important request to remove the avi boxes, must be near to breaking point now, where they will leave the game.
    Over 8 years in this game and already seen two big changes that saw Players leave in droves. This could well be the third if Devs continue to ignore the warning signs. This could even be the one that "broke the camel's back".