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  1. Hi,I would like the following items :

    • Champagne Space Wallpaper
    • VIP Life Floor
    • Summer Lemonade (Stat Item)

    Thank you in advance. All the best for your finals & job search! Take care & stay safe! 💕
  2. Thanks for make this giveaway. Im hoping to get
    1. Galactic avatar bag(M)
    2. Any fan kitten
    3. Bucket of cutlery
    Hope you have a great day
  3. 💕💫

    - stellarama poster
    - stellarama wall art
    - stellarama floor

    Thank you! I'm hoping I did this right.. X
  4. my three items are;

    - unicorn nebula walls
    - unicorn nebula floor
    - jar of shells
  5. HI I would like these please
    1. Unicorn Nebula floor
    2. Unicorn Nebula wall
    3. Stellarama wall Art

    Good luck on your finals ♡ and thank you for this opportunity 😃
  6. Hi there, I would like to have these 3 items:
    Idyll wall
    Unicorn nebula wall
    Northern lit carpet

    Goodluck with your finals, take care of your health and keep smiling
  7. Hai
    1. Viplife candle set
    2. East village shelves
    3.midsummer noctrane lantern
    Can you give me these, thank you
  8. Hello
    1.Pack of Noodles
    3.Diwali Boxes.
    Can I have these please. Thanks for giveaway
  9. 90 temp tatoos

    deck of cookies

    virtualtour visor

    thank u ,i want these items only , thanks for this give away contest ... stay safe nd take care
  10. Not sure if I did this right but:

    Furniture Material Box
    Big Ticket Item Box
    Bed item box
  11. Planisphere

    Roobix cube cookies

    Easter Eden wall shelf unit

    Thanks for giveaway and goodluck with your life
  12. my three items will be:-

    1.wound spindle

    2.hangover kit

    3.plastic drink cup

    stay happy nd take care ,if possible comeback soon
  13. Hi, thank you for the give away 🖤
    1. Independence boxes
    2. Most of the independence boxes
    3. All the independence boxes 😉
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  14. VIP life curtains, ocean on blue walls and autumn leave walls ty💓
  15. I would love the house of cookies, upgrade parts and boxes please.😊
  16. If they're not giftable/tradeable then

    Spring furniture box
    Science Jar

    I think the furniture material box is tradeable but there's a limit. I could be wrong though lol
  17. Idk anything
  18. 1. Refreshments box
    2. Spring furniture box
    3. Valentine's furniture box

    Thanks for the giveaway

  19. 1) Biblio floor
    2 ) True North Wall
    3 ) Beachnik above desk
  20. X flooring
    Cafe mirror
    Nightsky wallpaper

    East village floor
    Champagne space hanging
    Cafe au mirror
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