LIMITED-TIME CONTENT 🎈🎊PIMD's 10th Anniversary is HERE! 🥳🎂

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  2. Happy Birthday, PIMD!

    Thank you for allowing everyone who doesn’t dig into their wallets to celebrate... by giving them nothing worthwhile while sucking every person that does contribute to your cash flow dry.

    This is honestly ridiculous. There is already an on-going event that requires DNs, which were used up during the Black Friday parties. Anyone that isn’t super high level might be able to scrape together a grand total of 1 DN if they grinder hard enough before today; because of the timer on this event, it’s likely that the DN was already used up to complete the on-going DN quest or it will be saved for something else, like access to a cat or kini party. Maybe they’ll be lucky enough to be in a club that runs one at a time they’re available, maybe they’re shit out of luck. But that would still mean they require one more DN, which they won’t get unless the wonderful PIMD gods gift them out.

    Thank you to everyone? More like thank you to a very specific group of people who can continuously throw money in your direction for a game that keeps finding ways to take advantage of that generosity or bottomless wallet.

    As a development team and studio, ten years is a mighty fine accomplishment. And I genuinely do want to congratulate you all for all the work and progress you have made on the game throughout these years. Not many games can say they’ve lasted so long.

    But it would be nice to be invited to the party without having to wear a clown costume, because it really feels like that’s how you take any and all players that aren’t consistently throwing money in your direction. It has only gotten worse and worse, especially over the last year.

    Congrats, but heck, don’t invite me if you’re gonna demand a cash payment to let me in and actually enjoy the party inside.
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  3. Could PIMD get any more greedy? If people stop spending so much money for so little, they’ll start giving decent deals again.
  4. Just received it.🙌
  5. Happy bday PIMD😘
  6. happy 10th anniversary 🎉
  7. I haven't got cake and new side story of it
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  8. Happy 10th anniversary!! 🥳
  9. I don’t see the story ☹️
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  10. Check if you have updated the app. The story should pop up if you have updated it.
  11. Way to go!! To only give rewards to those who spend money on the game! You should have made it clear that even if you purchase a doctors note with ecs that it DOES NOT count as a doctors note!! Greedy damn apes!!!
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  12. ATA I-
    My birthday was yesterday...

    Happy birthday to us 🎂🎉🌚
  13. Happy Birthday PIMD! But to everyone's point, ee should be able to get a refund on our cats if you decided to just unlock a new ec party without any forewarning. To everyone's point, cat cafes are just going to be the new kini parties if dog parties are permanent.
  14. Another note: STOP THE SPAM.

    Every single time I hit a party, I’m greeted by 71826373848/20 hits, BUY DNs TO MAKE THIS NOTIFICATION DISAPPEAR.

    I don’t know if this is an oversight or some calculated tactic to pressure people into buying stuff out of pure annoyance, but to go back to my party metaphor: it’s like trying to have a nice cup of tea at midnight but the raging college party next door keeps beaming every light source they have available at my window every 2 seconds.

    It’s an eyesore, headache-inducing, and frankly I do not see why this is necessary for any quest that can be completed in such quick succession.
  15. Dont buy dn to do it. The avi is only 10/10
  16. Only use dn if you using them anyway. Otherwise its a waste of everything
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  17. The things I miss while I’m at work holy- 💀
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  18. I haven't gotten the story or cake yet :(
  19. I wish could have active he/ she can spoil me all rs gift🤭🥰
  20. I want xD new avi