LIMITED-TIME CONTENT πŸŽ‡ Brand New VIP Champagne Box Avatars, Furniture & Items! πŸŽ†

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    It may not be the turn of the century, but we're celebrating that the world hasn't ended yet again. u_u


    How do you earn the above avatars? Try ringing one up with these flip phones!πŸ˜‰

    txt m3 4ft3r sk00l, bruh




    Content Moving to the Champagne Legacy Box

    The Champagne Legacy Box
    And of course, as usual, this means things have to move!
    With these new additions, the following content are
    and moving over to the

    VIP Avatars
    Striking Seafarer
    Captivating Castaway
    Striking Seafarer (VIP)
    Captivating Castaway (VIP)
    Selachian Warrior
    Medusozoan Sea-Witch
    Selachian Warrior (VIP)
    Medusozoan Sea-Witch (VIP)
    Magificent Merman
    Mesmerizing Mermaid
    Magificent Merman (VIP)
    Mesmerizing Mermaid (VIP)
    Silver Anchor (Item that combines into a Avi)
    Golden Anchor (Item that combines into a Avi)

    VIP Furniture
    Triton's Garden Walls
    Triton's Garden Floor
    Triton's Garden School of Yellow
    Triton's Garden Cave Hole
    Triton's Garden Anemone
    Triton's Garden Shelves
    Triton's Garden Nightstand
    Triton's Garden School of Blue
    Triton's Garden Giant Clam
    Sunken Relics
    Beware of Octopus
    I've Got the Conch
    Triton's Garden Throne
    Triton's Garden Bookshelf
    Triton's Garden Rug
    Triton's Garden Lifeboat
    Coral Reef Stone
    Triton's Garden Dolphin Statue
    Triton's Garden Chest
    Triton's Garden Mermaid Statue
    Coral Reef

    What's All This Then?!

    How Can I Get My Hands On a VIP Champagne Box?
    ☞ You get one each day as part of your daily rewards as a member of the PIMD VIP Lounge!
    How Do I Become a Member?
    ☞ Simply head to the Store, swipe over the VIP Lounge tab, and purchase membership for $19.99 USD!
    What Else Do I Get from Being a VIP?
    ☞ When purchased, VIP members are entitled to 7 full days of:
    25% extra Cash from Parties, 3x more Prize Tokens when you earn them from video ads or the 'Free Tokens' button, and a Daily Rewards Bundle containing ECs, DNs, PIMKeys, and the VIP Champagne Box!
    * * * * *
    See our original post for more info!
    RENEW your VIP Membership today! The Lounge awaits you.

    Time to party like it's 2000 again!
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  2. Y2K avi is so cute PLEase
  3. supa cute :)
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  4. Sometimes I think the Avis can’t get any worse and y’all prove me wrong every timeπŸ’€
  5. ooooo interesting α••( ᐛ )α•—
  6. ✨✨✨
  7. these avis are sooo cute omg
  8. I smell MooMoos here πŸ˜‚
  9. stop these are so cute 😩
  10. More diversity would be nice.. maybe some East and South Asian liking Avis?
  11. I remember those outfits. I just can’t remember who wore them. 😩😩
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  12. Love love love. refreshing content.

    btw selling the 2000 bed x2 🌚
  13. This is ugly. This has been a huge disappointment. No support
  14. Ugh i fell in love with the avis at first sighπŸ˜©πŸ’• The furniture is nice to look at tooπŸ‘€
  15. I want themπŸ€©πŸ’–
  16. It’s okay I guess
  17. Personally I’m here for the Love Angel Music Baby gif at the bottom.
    Y’all don’t know about that Gwen Stephani gang 🦧
  18. Omg! Finally something Y2K related!
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  19. I so want the one with the white skirt and pigtails 😍 I wish that one were the VIP shard avi 😩
  20. can we get all of them or is it like the usual where you can only get the vip? :confused: