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  1. You read it right.

    No need to pay me for entry or anything . It’s freaking free!

    You may win 999, 499, Chibi, Bento, Misc, etc. It’s random.

    Donation are much appreciated!

    1-5 Person may win per day.

    Take note, sometimes i may be gone for days because i’m only human too but still I’ll try my best to get back and update it.

    The mechanics are very easy. Just post what is your Word of the Day.
    Example: Day25 - Chaos

    Monthly will reset to Day1 and so on.

    I will announce and randomly pick a Winner everyday.

    I promise to you all that I’ll be fair to everyone! Good luck and Be safe!

  2. Day 1 - Reign

    thank you for hosting 😊
  3. Day 1 - Pedestrian (don’t judge me I’m travelling and I’m seeing a lot of signs 😂)
  4. Poecilonym - a synonym for the word synonym
  5. You always say massive n weird words
  6. Day 1 - Clueless
  7. Day 1 - Ace
  8. my day 1 word is cat 🥳
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  9. Day 1 - Trapped
  10. Day 1- Isolation
  11. Day 1 - musk
  12. Day 1 - Broke.
  13. Day 1 Hope 💕
  14. Day 1 - Bored 😂

    Thanks for the giveaway ❤️
  15. What counts as a new day. Is it when it bes the same time you posted this? Is it at reset? Is it when it get to midnight? N if it if midnight what midnight is it count for