EVENT 🍾🌟New Year's GLOW UP🌟🍾

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  1. ihhhhh
  2. omg this is eating
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  3. Happy new year 💘
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  4. The bookshelf, rug, and bed is pretty cool but a lot of this looks like recent vip furni knockoffs/templates which is eh. Avis are…okay. Happy New Year y’all.
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  5. Dorm: ✅️😄
    Avatars: ❌️🤮
  6. Loves it 😻
  7. Its fine, even the main avis both... A bittoo much gold imo but overall it aint baad

    But like... why does the masc box avi look like a male version of Moira from OW1/2...?👁️ 👁️
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  8. The only avi worth getting is the one that will more than likely be theleaderboard avi
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  9. I can finally take a break from Black Friday 😭
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  10. She’s in a hunt box 💜
  11. She’s the box Avi!
  12. Where’s the champagne emoji 🥹🥹🥹
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  13. The Avatars are okay. If I were to compare them to Baseball hits...

    Box Male - Solid Triple. Very good, but not quite worth going hard for.
    Box Female - A high fly foul caught by the Catcher. Why the umbrella? The dress was fine but the Umbrella is just so distracting.
    Main Story Male/Female: Both easy singles. Fitting theme, but ultimately very average.
    Confetti Avatars (Probably Leaderboard): Doubles. Probably popular enough but there's better choices for the money you'd spend.
    Remainder (Probably 3rd/4th Side): Singles. As average as possible.
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  14. Love the female box avi!
  15. looks the same as every new years hunt but whatever🤷🏻‍♀️
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  17. The avi with the umbrella has my heart ❤️
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  18. It’s the box avi