EVENT 🍓✨Berried Treasure!✨🍓

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  1. Oml😍
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  2. ok wait i have to admit i really REALLY like the pet styles and my word the stat items are cute as hell :oops:
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  3. CUTE 🍓😍
    Hoping that I'd get lucky with the furnis!
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  4. This hunt is as cute as my hairy ass. Do better with the avis. Thank you.
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  5. *yawn*
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  6. I'm gonna ask again 🙊 Please, can we get some more manly male avis?

    It also wouldn't hurt to maybe take some suggestions from the suggestion thread? There are plenty of great ideas in that thread!
  7. Hard pass ✌🏼
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  8. So many men complaining about the male avis when bro, on gawd, these some of the better ones this year. All of them, even the top left, looking good af, I'm big fan 👋💙 Definitely looking for bottom left and blonde hair boy, but I don't mind any. Guess I'm fruity 🥴🍓
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  9. What are the cherry plushies even used for
  10. @ATA-Ashe @ATAClaptrap Can we have a horror camping trip or haunted amusement park or haunted mansion/cabin type theme? Also I would absolutely love to have a true crime hunt please! Could even make a dorm asylum themed or something but a true crime hunt would be awesome. And then you could make an event where we have to find clues to solve who the killer is and stuff. That would be really cool
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  11. Thats happened before ages ago
  12. Horror camping trip
    True Crime
    Asylum-themed dorm (still available in the shop!!)

    You never know, we might get another one sometime soon! I'm all for spooky Halloween time hunts!!
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  13. I'm just going to say that ATA wasted a perfectly good opportunity to have a "raspberry beret" stat item this hunt and went with strawberry instead 🤦‍♀️ #prince
  14. Literally so cute 🥺
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  15. Wait how do we get the cherry girl?
  16. They are just stat items.
  17. She will be at the end of the 3rd and 4th side stories, which have not been released yet. :) The 2nd side story will be released Friday at changeover, the 3rd on Monday at changeover, and the 4th will be next Friday at changeover!
  18. I’m late to the party but this is super cute 🍓
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  19. Wait how do you get cherries?
  20. It probably would have had Copywrite issues…